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Syed Junaid ul Islam

We are circumscribed with Media, and no one can dispense its dominance now. But when somebody asks you as Journalists, why you chose this field? We are in dilemma.

Is that just for the power we get as Media professionals, orIs it the glamour and silver lining as perks,


Is it just another career out of many for money?
While gleams and glitters are surely bonus, it is the psychological impact one can make, cognitive insights that media can build, and strength to make us ponder our reasoning sense, that sparks us news people.
But recently people are tired of ideological clashes. So, we thought to construct a platform, which is neutral in its foreground about issues. The perspective is always what makes a news report, but whose perspective are you taking?

-Are you just taking what you want to see? Or,
You are just taking what the media people want you to see?

We will show you from all the perspectives, not yours, or media’s or experts but every person who has opinion to share. We will focus on facts and build a scenario to establish your rational. We at are not those sitting in air-conditioned rooms, sharing their stance. But, commoners like you who exchange reflections, visions and testimonies from all around. Apart from specialized reporting, we vow to you that we will bring unbiased and ethical Journalism. We present you The Guardian of Journalism, and we pledge to serve wisdom to you. Aamen!

From Owner and Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Inside Kashmir
Syed Junaid ul Islam.