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Ensure Strict Implementation of Covid-19 SOPs in hospitals : DAK

Use “DAK-HELPDESK” mobile app for teleconsultations

Srinagar, April 21: Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) in its communique has strongly emphasized Government to ensure Covid-19 SOPs are being followed within hospitals while handling Medicare delivery system.

President DAK, Dr Suhail Naik said that the general public seems complacent and fatigued but due to rapidly spreading 2nd wave of Covid pandemic there is dire need to adhere to the basic SOPs. The second wave is more threatening and has already started consuming precious lives outside state, near about 3 lac cases with about more than 2000 deaths were reported in India yesterday. Kids are also latest victims of the disease.

The state is still having some breathing time to ensure that there is no iota of shortcomings at administration level and simultaneously work on the hurdles faced by the health care workers be attended.

Dr Owais H Dar, General Secretary DAK said that PPEs & other logistics especially N-95 masks must be supplied to hospitals in bulk apart from emergency medicines including Dexamethasone and necessary Anti-virals drugs. Oxygen Beds in hospitals need to be augmented at the earliest.

DAK stresses Government that keeping the current surge in picture, it is high time to strategise OPDs and patient footfall towards hospitals, as these crowds act as super spreaders. In order to have smooth functioning of emergencies a robust plan is the need of the time and medical departments/sections having high threat to contract or spread the disease be dealt as per the laid down guidelines.

DAK appeals the general public to stick with basic SOPs of Covid and venture out only in case of unavoidable circumstances. People are requested to take use of mobile app “DAK-Help-Desk” for minor ailments which can be downloaded from Google by typing . Patients should come to hospitals only in case of emergencies and with minimum number of attendants.