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Ex. MLA, Son, Senior PC leader resigns alongwith his workers in Lolab

Srinagar: Senior Peoples Conference leader from Lolab Kupwara Habibullah Bhat has alleged that the party leadership has given absolute authority to new entrants to ignore the senior leader and workers in the party for which he announce his resignation from the party.

The leader has resigned from the basic membership of the party alongwith his supporters.

In a statement issued to media Habibullah Bhat said “I am resigning from the basic membership of party alongwith my supporters for obvious reasons. The new member who joined the party recently have been ignoring the senior members in the party”.

“How can the leaders who joined a few months back even if they have somehow won elections can ignore senior leaders who have done everything for the party. How can high command allow this”, said Habibullah.

“I had joined the party in 2014. In my seven years of association with the party, i have worked hard and gave my everything to make the party strong on gross root level but for the first time i have seen opportunism is taking roots in the party especially since DDC election in 2020 when new local leaders joined the party”, Habibullah said.

“It looks that this all is happening at the behest of the party high command, because I informed the district level leaders many times but nothing was done in this regard. Had the party high command been serious towards these matters this would have never happened. I never do politics for ulterior motives and i would never support any person or the party who work for personal benefits”, Habibullah added.
“Considering the current political situation in Kashmir and after talking to my supporters it has become obligatory for me to resign from the party”, Habibullah said.