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Extraordinary initiative of Dr. Asghar Hassan Samoon,Principal Secretary, School Education.

Instructions to seek the services of MA Kashmiri teachers already posted in the Education Department for teaching Kashmiri subject at higher secondary level.

Noor Ul Hasan Andrabi 

Srinagar 22 June…Dr. Asghar Hassan Samo, Principal Secretary, Department of Education, in an extraordinary decision, has decided to hire PG Kashmiri teachers, who are currently posted in the Education Department, to teach Kashmiri subject at higher secondary level.Instructions were also given to take immediate steps to fill the vacancies.

Addressing an online function organized by Literary Center Kamraz and Halqa Adab Hajan on the occasion of Prof. Mohi-ud-Din Hajni’s death anniversary, Dr. Samoon announced that he had recently clarified to the Nazim-e-Taleemat Kashmir regarding teaching of Kashmiri subject and instructions has been given.

According to the details,Jammu and Kashmir UT has been facing shortage of teachers with skills and degrees in Kashmiri language for teaching Kashmiri subject at higher secondary level for a long time due to which not only Kashmiri students are facing severe difficulties but On the contrary,the unavailability of teachers is having a detrimental effect on the academic careers of most of the students.On the other hand,due to the shortage of teachers in Kashmiri subject,students are reluctant to adopt their mother tongue,Kashmiri subjects.

Details lies, Kashmiri subjects are being taught in only 28 higher secondary out of 376 higher secondary schools in Kashmir division while Kashmiri subject is not being taught in the remaining higher secondary schools due to shortage of teachers.A letter sent by the Nazim-e-Taleem-e-Kashmir to the Principal Secretary, Department of Education on May 06, 2020, clarified that 11045 students in 10 districts of Kashmir division could have taken the Kashmiri subject as the fifth subject but due to lack of proper arrangements for teaching Kashmiri subject and unavailability of teachers,most of the students are not able to adopt Kashmiri subject.The letter also requested for the deployment of 320 teachers to teach Kashmiri subject in higher secondary schools.

Although Reports said, Dr. Asghar Hassan Samoon, Principal Secretary, Department of Education, who is already committed to the promotion and promotion of Kashmiri language and is doing his best to protect the mother tongue Kashmiri,took immediate notice of the request of the Education Director.In order to teach Kashmiri subject in secondary schools as well and orders have been issued to get the services of expert teachers with PG degree in Kashmiri subject already posted in the Education Department.

Moreover in details, a letter sent by the Additional Secretary, Department of Education to the Director School Education, Kashmir / Jammu on June 09, 2020, under Edu / V / 249/2018, directed that priority be given to teaching Kashmiri subject in higher secondary till then.PG Kashmiri teachers already posted in the Education Department on the grounds who have acquired expertise in teaching Kashmiri language should be provided services till the permanent appointment of Kashmiri subject lecturers in the permanent vacancies in Higher Secondary is formally implemented.

At the public level, the extraordinary decision of Dr. Asghar Hassan Samoon, Principal Secretary, Department of Education, is being widely appreciated, while the heads of various literary organizations working for the protection and promotion of the Kashmiri language have taken this decision to protect the Kashmiri language,declared a step in the right direction.According to him, Dr. Asghar Samoon is already very sincere for the promotion and protection of Kashmiri language and it is due to his efforts that Kashmiri language is being taught in schools in higher secondary.He further said that Dr. Samoon’s efforts towards Kashmiri language will be written in golden letters and today’s initiative will be interpreted as an important step in this regard while this extraordinary decision is facing the students pursuing Kashmiri subject, and Problems can be solved completely.