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Focused Personality : Ab Ahad Hami

In this latest feature of Focused Personality, Inside Kashmir’s Iqra Nabi Interviews Ab Ahad Hami , a famous writer and poet .Hami hails from Lolab and has written Qur’an.

Iqra Nabi

Q. How did the idea of writing Qur’an paak come into your mind ? were you already familiar with the Arabic script?

Hami : Firstly, I was an Arabic student I studied Arabic from class 6 till graduation. So yes, I was familiar with the Arabic language since my childhood. Secondly,I was ‘at home’  in the urdu language as well I liked Writing in Urdu and Arabic script and I used to write verses of holy Qur’an in order to memorize it. So this was the main reason behind it, but before telling you why I wrote Qur’an paak I would like to tell you a brief about the background.
After my retirement, I didn’t want to stay idle, and being idle grieved me. I remained jobless at home for months then I finally got the chance of working in a private institution as a principal because I wanted to do more in learning. I worked there for 13months. I worked In another private institution as well but for a short period of time because the staff there was much younger than me I realized that the generation gap matters.

 Q: so, when did you start writing the Qur’an paak? And how much time you took to complete it?

Hami : After leaving the private institutions I became desirous to do something that would satisfy my soul then the idea of writing Qur’an paak came into my mind. It took me 2 years and 3 months to complete it.

Q: Have you only written it in Arabic text or you have translated it In any language as well?

Hami : I have only written it in an Arabic text, I have not translated it In any language.

Q: I came to know that you are a poet, what kind of poems do you write?

Hami : Yes, I am a poet I write on different topics like politics, social issues but I write mostly religious poems.

Q: Do you want to convey any message to the masses?

Hami : Yes, the message I want to convey to the masses is that we should abide by the instructions of the Holy Qur’an and the sayings of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him because it is the only path to succeed in this world (Duniya ) and Life hereafter (Aakhira). And remember worldly wealth is of no use.

At last, I would like to quote the lines of the poem written by Sir Muhammad Iqbal.He says,
“Issi Koukab Ki Tabani Se Hai Tera Jahan Roshane Zawal-e-Adam. Aey Khaki Zayan Tera Hai Ya Mera”.?
Your world is illuminated by the radiance of the same star,Whose loss was the fall of Adam, that creature of earth, Was it Yours or mine?