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Focused Personality :Faheem ul Islam ; budding writer

In this edition of Focused personality, IK looks into the life of Young writer.

Inside Kashmir: Who is Faheem ul Islam ?, Introduce us with your childhood to present education. 

Faheem ul Islam: My name is Faheem ul Islam and I am 18-year-old boy hails from Achan village of Pulwama which is almost 10 km away from the main town Pulwama. I completed my initial education from the private school MODERN PUBLIC SCHOOL ACHAN PULWAMA and then I shifted to JAMIA SIRAJ ULOOM IMAMSAHIB SHOPIAN for my further studies and from JSU I completed my matriculation and then I appeared in the entrance examination of ALIGARH MUSLIM UNIVERSITY INDIA for my secondary school and Alhamdulilah got selected for this journey. Then after completing my +2 from senior secondary school AMU I again appeared in the examination for graduation and Alhamdulilah got selected. Now I am pursuing my bachelor’s honours degree in political science from department of political science at ALIGARH MUSLIM UNIVERSITY INDIA.

IK: Are you a novelist or Poet?
2.Faheem ul Islam: No I don’t write novels but I am interested in poetry as from the class 11th I tried to fo something for the betterment of the society. And then I start writing poems and later on, I got a positive response from readers. And recently I published my first poetry book namely THE MIDNIGHT SILENCE which is also a collection of poems. So I am poet rather than a novelist.
IK: What motivated you for literature?

3:Faheem ul Islam: Actually in my +2 level I was not interested in writing but once I was scrolling through Facebook and I found an article regarding the moral degradation of Youth, so I found it needs of the hour to write rather than an interest for literature, and I tried highlight the issues and unethical practices which the society is facing like drug addiction, Suicide and all. So the main motivation for my writing is Youth.
IK: The core aim of your poetry or writing is about? 
4.Faheem ul Islam: The main aim of my writing is always rotating for the development of the society especially youth Because I have a firm that if youth can understand their dignity and become responsible these unethical practices and other issues will be terminated automatically from our society. And the peace and prosperity for which the whole world is waiting to quench their thirst will be implemented everywhere. So the main aim is to aware youth for their future development and to highlight the unethical practices in society.
IK: Do you consider romanticism in poetry more power or revolutionary elements?
5.Faheem ul Islam: I always used to be a revolutionary poet rather than romantic and I always tried to use revolutionary elements because I will be questioned on the Day of judgement that How you utilised your knowledge, So my answer should my whole life journey especially my writing career where I will try to infuse life into death. I want to be a revolutionary poet to aware youth to come forward for the betterment of society and to save our future generation from unethical practices. I have been also awarded various Certificates from reputed institutions all over the world and the most prestigious awards are from INDIAN BOOK OF RECORDS like INDIAN EXCELLENCY AWARD for my Book And INDIAN HUMANITARIAN AWARD for my social impact and also BRAVO INTERNATIONAL AWARD for being a Youngest influencer and motivation for Youth.
IK: Which poet or writer has impacted your life?

6.Faheem ul Islam: First of all when I went through the biography of Prophet Muhammad (saw) that have impacted my life very much because how they always tried to be well-wisher to all without any greed or bad intention and how they have been a successful person in both religious and secular lives. And then if we will talk about present scenario Allama Iqbal, Syed Maududi, Sir Syed Ahmad khan hold a big name because their tireless efforts for the upliftment of the society impacted my life.
IK: Ultimately it is the life of popularism, don’t you think your ideas are not subject to criticism. Do you fear sometimes about Criticism?
7.Faheem ul Islam: Yes obviously, when you want to be the game-changer of the society and want to highlight the unethical practices for the betterment of the society and when you will put your ideas before the society some people will agree and some will not but if you have a firm belief for that goal to be achieved no one can disappoint you. And especially the writer should always welcome the criticism because it works as a ladder in our lives and makes our ideas more strong. Not only a writer but every person who is working in any field should always be ready for criticism. And I on behalf of myself is always ready for the same to make my ideas and practicals more efficient for society. I welcome *تنقید برائے تعمیر*
IK: What is love for you, How do you use love in your poetry?

8.Faheem ul Islam: First of all if we will look in our society the word love has been misinterpreted by all. We think love is when anyone’s beauty attracts us or any physical appearance. And we start crying that I love him/her. But as per me, love is the feeling which makes you realise what actually you are, For what you have been created. And the love in my poetry is always used for self-love because without loving your own self No one can love any other. When we know ourselves then we can love others and love is not only about physical appearance it is all about feelings of accountability. I Will try to make you more understand from my book *THE MIDNIGHT SILENCE*  where is wrote a poem *TRAGIC LOVE*
IK: Where is your next stop, what is your future plans
8.Faheem ul Islam: In sha Allah In future, my efforts will be always there for the betterment of the society and the writing journey will be continued till last breath. I am also working as an RJ at Kashmir online Radio where I also tried to highlight these unethical practices and inshallah that will be also continued. I am preparing to go abroad like OXFORD, CAMBRIDGE, HARVARD University for my master’s degree. And now in the context of writing, I am working for my second book which will be inshallah published in next year.