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Focused Personality : Faqra Mir

In this episode of Focused Personality, Inside Kashmir’s Correspondent , Noor ul Hassan indrabi interviews young artist, Faqra Mir.

IK : Who is Faqra Mir? 

Faqra Mir: My name is Faqra Rashid Mir.I am an engineer, studied Btech from NIT srinagar and am currently a Mtech student T Delhi Technological University. I hail from Qammarwari Srinagar.

IK: Where did you get your basic education?

Faqra Mir: I have studied upto 10th from Woodlands House school and pass my 11th, 12th examination from Iqbal Memorial Institute Bemina Srinagar.

IK : Have you been interested since childhood or you were influenced by someone?

Faqra Mir: I have been painting since childhood. As a kid I remember, I was in KG or ist class and my uncle made a project for me it was animals and their shelters. He painted it very beautifully and all my teachers praised my project a lot. I heard some kids saying:but she didn’t draw it why is everyone praising her. It just made me realise I need to draw on my own and then my teachers will  praise me. I never asked anyone else to help me from that moment from my home for drawing any project. I used to draw everything by myself and got better and better in painting with the passage of time .I read a lot about famous painters too and try to adopt their mannerisms and styles of drawing in my paintings. My favorite artist is Van Gogh.

IK: Do you have any  teacher or a tutor who teaches ?

Faqra Mir: No not really, I just learn watching art in museums and reading about artists. I Also learn a lot streaming art videos on youtube and artists on Instagram.

IK: How much support your recieved from parents in the field of art? And tell me how long it took for  you to make realise, art  is your destiny ? Can you specify about your way of drawing.

Faqra Mir: My parents support my art very much now. Earlier I was busy with my education. I was a bright student from early school days and that time it was like concentrate on your studies and I, need to have good grades. After that it was entrance exam and then degree.  Still I used to draw whenever I had time. Amid pandemic,  I rushed  back home from Delhi. When Government announced lockdown, I started drawing commercially and Alhamdulilah my parents supported me a lot. My father is always there, whenever I ask him to courier a painting for me or whenever I need art supplies he helps me a lot for that; I am very thankful to Allah.
It depends on the size of painting I make acrylic paintings on large size  canvases  90*60cm and it takes 4 to 5 days for completion. I also use calligraphy mandala and paint for making Islamic paintings that can take 2 to 3 days to complete.

IK: You are an artist and to whom do you give its credit?
Faqra Mir: I will give the credits to everyone who believed in me and my art, my family and friends who convinced me to make a art account and took my art out there so everyone can see it. I honestly never thought I can draw that well .  I know artists, the one I have read about ; I am not nearly as good as them, but Alhamdulilah with the help of Allah and with my own hardwork I am learning new things everyday.

IK:  Do you think the administration is serious about promoting art in Kashmir and  are taking concrete steps to save the talent?

Faqra Mir:Some steps have been taken by administration but I think a lot can be done. There are not far enough art galleries in here like you see in cities like Delhi and Mumbai. The amount of talent in kashmir in terms of art is immense but they need a platform to showcase that to public. Steps should be taken in organizing art exhibitions and making a lot of art galleries where people can display their work for art lovers and make living out of it. I also think that making art an important subject and including it in the curriculum will help a lot.Also,there should be far more art colleges in the J&K than there are  present, which will also boost the confidence of artists in the state.

IK: Have you participated in an any art competition?

Faqra Mir=Yes I was very active in my school, used to participate in art competitions with other schools.In my  college , Administration used to exhibit my paintings in tech fest. I recently exhibited my paintings in exhibitions held by JK tourism at Kong posh hotel and Nigeem club.

IK: There is no shortage of talent in Kashmir but we have seen that most of them are hiding their talent.What is the reason for this?

Faqra Mir: Their is this taboo all over India and particularly in kashmir that if you are not a doctor or engineer then you are not studying anything worthwhile. Due to this art has just remained a hobby for most people. People don’t study art the way it should be. Where I am studying mtech this time their is a department which teaches B  design and  the type of knowledge they are giving students is remarkable.They teach students about depth perception in drawing , how to use art softwares and how can their art and creativity be used in marketing. That’s how art should be studied not as a hobby but as a profession. When artists know there  are people who appreciate their art and admire it surely they will put their art out there for everyone.

IK : What special message you for girls?

Faqra Mir: I would like to say if you have any skill or you are good at anything don’t just leave it,nurture it with your time and hardwork be good at it. It will nurture you back and will provide immense opportunities for you. Just make it a goal and work towards it with perseverance you will surely achieve it.