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Focused Personality ;Saadath Mohi ud Din, an aspiring writer and Podcast producer

In this edition of ‘Focused Personality’, Inside Kashmir’s, Joint Editor, Kamran Ashraf Bhat interviews, Saadath Mohi ud Din, an aspiring writer and Podcast producer, who produces epic episodes based on Sufism.

IK : Give us a brief introduction about your self, your education. 

 Saadath Mohi-ud-din Bhat: My name is Saadath Mohi-ud-din Bhat aka EverythingisntCaaDath from Anantnag’s Hutmurah district.I completed my 10th from Alsarwat Convent Sr Sec School and then I have shifted to Government Higher Secondary School Mattan where I cleared my 12th class. I have started making YouTube videos since 2015 when I was in class 8th.I am thankful for social media which gave me the opportunity to show my talent to everyone.I used to make vines, I do Poetry, Sometimes I dance also and have made various videos on social issues.

IK: In these times when everyone is fascinating towards Urdu or English, you gave importance to the Kashmiri language as a core medium of communication in your podcast, what motivated you to do so?

Saadath Mohi-ud-din Bhat: Since from my childhood I always try to do things which are out of the box !! I want everyone to be a polyglot but ignoring our language and culture doesn’t seem to be on trackOnce I was in public transport ( sumo) and besides me, there was a girl sitting. When she reached near to her destination she told the old driver that to stop the car (in the English language), but the old man didn’t understand. And then the girl misbehaved with the driver, On the spot, I realised the importance of Kashmiri language and the good manners which are automatically attached to our Kashmiri language. And then I decided that to pinch them with a Kashmiri Sufi Poetry with a modern touch as I already have the little audience because of my videos.

 IK: Opting from Medical to Arts, how such a transformation took place. What sort of challenges you had to face for showing interest in arts despite being a science student.

Saadath:   I am still a Medical student (because it is a trend and I was having the inborn interest in doing something new and I always try to introduce the new things. The challenge I had to face the most is the lack of family support in my starting days. But the things change within time.

IK: Differentiate between Sufi gazals and otherwise, what keeps you intact with Sufism.

Saadath: Sufi Ghazals can be characterised by lyrics that show devotion and love to God, the Prophet Mohammad (S. A W ) . The curiosity of knowing “Where from I came”, “Who I am”, “Where I have to can be characterised by lyrics that show devotion and love to God, the Prophet”, keeps me intact with Sufism.

IK: How do you think, common folk can change the nature of current youth towards their mother language?

Saadath: They aren’t the common folks, each word of the Poetry is spiritual and I try to pronounce it purely. I think that listing to these Kalams rather than reading is so attractive and have attracted the numerous number of teenagers as they are on leading platforms like Spotify, JioSaavn, iTunes, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast. And I have recently developed an Android Application of my Podcast ” Aao Unhe Yaad Karai ” where people can listen to those Podcasts directly and ad-free .

IK: What hopes you have set for future and what aim you carry forward?

Saadath: I hope that this Podcast will reach to each and everyone and the people will show the active participation in listen to the Podcast and understanding the actual Poetry. And I carry an aim that no one should feel inferiority complex while verbalizing in the Kashmiri language.