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From Bihar to Kashmir , Chetna a new hope to poor and needy

      Setting a big example of humanity, THE CHETNA Heroes have joined hands to help the, needy, poor, downtrodden and poorest or the poor lot in North Kashmir in times outbreak of Pandemic Covid-19.

Relentless, and stealth in its spread, the virus has now left behind a seemingly endless trail of its victims across the valley. Lockdown all of a sudden became the utmost important action to be taken, leaving no time for people who were still emerging from repercussions of previous lockdowns, to get prepared for the worse that was yet to come.
In an unprecedented crisis like the one people of Kashmir are facing, The Chetna Heroes have come forth as a beacon of help for the struggling masses in parts of North Kashmir.
The Cheta Heroes earlier started food distribution drive in different villages of Bandipora and Kupwara.

Chetna is flagship initiative of Prama Jyoti Foundation (PJF) with a mission of spreading goodness through recognising & supporting those real life heroes who have chosen to work selflessly for society . These true Role Models are conferred with the title of Chetna Heroes as recognition of their exceptional contribution to the society.
Chetna supports all social causes be food for hungry, clothing for poor, education for children / blind / disable & women, environment , Animal care, heritage care , women empowerment , healthcare or culture preservation.
The Chetna has served around 500 families in North Kashmir and has distributed every basic things, such as vegetables, cereals, sanitizers, masks, mustard oil etc among poor and needy families. The Chetna volunteers are working round the clock to feed hungry and to help poor and needy.
While talking to Chairman, Mr Ravi Sharma, says, Comments for Kashmir

“The mission of Chetna is Spreading Goodness and we support everyone who choose goodness as way of life . Chetna through its network of Chetna Heroes is distributing more than 20,000 meals everyday to the poor and migrant community in this countrywide lockdown . Without caring for self , Chetna Heroes from Bihar to Kashmir are making all out efforts to make sure that no one sleeps hungry in their areas .

I appreciate the efforts of our Heroes in North Kashmir who have taken care of food requirement of 500 families by now and look forward to the support of everyone there so that we can reach all over Kashmir to serve & support the needy .

Chetna looks forward to more volunteers in Kashmir and generous support & contribution from people . We shall continue to work for the lives of poor , specially abled and marginalised to provide them a better life , a life of dignity , education & empowerment .” Said Ravi Sharma , Chairman of Chetna & Prama Jyoti Foundation .

Mr Sharma has been one of the most successful CEOs of large Indian and multinational companies in Telecom & Power sector before he decided to leave the corporate career and decided to dedicate his life to serve the poor of society . In addition to supporting Education and Spreading Goodness through Chetna & PJF , he also helps several NGOs as Philanthropist .