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From Braid chopping to Rantas in kashmir.Bol ki lub Azad Hein Tayre

Sheikh Mudasir Muneer

اب درندوں سے نہ حیوانوں سے ڈر لگتا ھے
کیا زمانہ ھے کہ انسانوں سے ڈر لگتا ھے

عزت نفس کسی شخص کی معفوظ نہیں
اب تو اپنے نگہبانوں سے ڈر لگتا ھے

خون ریزی کا یہ عالم ھے کہ اللہ خیر کرے
اب مسلمانوں کو مسلمانوں سے ڈر لگتا ھے

The rumpus of braid chopping became talk of the town which engendered choas and confusion in kashmir in 2017. Majority of women spent their whole time with in their four walls due to trepidation and even paralyzed their morning jog which engendered many serious problems to their health . Finally it ended when people know that it is a hysterical problem rather then reality .Now
The video of ferious voice of Rantas in some part of south Kashmir is viral on social media which escalates like fire created panic in society . Some relates it rumour and some call it conspiracy against innocent helpless kashmiries to rob their property .What so ever reason behind it would be, but it reminds me the story of “Footprints without Feet” written by H.G.Wells in which the police constable Mr. Jaffer had to arrest a headless man, not seen by him. The people around him wanted to help the police constable Mr. Jaffer, but they were hit by blows that comes from nowhere. Finally, the invisible scientist Mr. Griffin could not be arrested. Same is the case with the viral video of Rantas in kashmir which captivated the assiduity of people of Kashmir.On one hand there are frequent heart attacks of juvenile between 20-35 age in kashmir on routine basis due to frustation and on the other hand the video of rantas is viral on Social media which triggers more panic among people of south especially children which will accelerate the speed of cardic arrest in valley kashmir .There is nothing such as being circulated on social media. It is baseless sound and seems some miscreants have mixed voice of any ferious animal with their own voice and spread the voice among general public. it is totally rumour that some wild animal has come out of forests thus posing danger to general public which is baseless and its authenticity is not confirmed officially by adminstration of jammu and kashmir.
People of the South kashmir are requested not to pay heed to rumour.Although movement of wild animals during winters towards towns and villages are expected , for that precautionary advisory is already issued by the department.
Being past experience of braid chopping one must understand that it is rumours rather than reality . Spreading Rumours through social media has become a wonted of daily life. As soon as every human being hears gossips, he does not hesitate to communicate them to other human beings. Rumours escalate like fire throughout the society which is a great social evil and needs time to be deracinated and same is the case with fake video of Rantas which escalates like fire on Social media which created panic in whole kashmir . It is a blasphemy to communicate korero without any perusal, which leads to furore in the society. Gossips are always socializing in the valley. Every man harks to anything and appends gubbins on his own, which engenders chaos and confusion in the society as well as affliction which also promotes shady dealings. Socrates was once told by his disciple Plato, that his servant was traduce him. Socrates quickly hushed them with a hand gesticulation before aphorism this, put it to the criterion of three and then opt whether you should tell me this or not. The first criterion that the korero heard should be veracious, the second criterion is to be spiffing and the third criterion is to boon the listener. Plato retorted that what I gleaned did not pass all three canon. Socrates guffawed and retorted, “Then coda it here.” In the same way, never rake-off gossips in the society before scrutinized every gossip heard on the criterion of three, otherwise there are odds of various furore in the society. Nowadays, this social evil has taken root in the society to such an extent that the beginning of this social evil in the morning is the bakers shop which keeps following us till we go to bed at home in the evening. It is the obligation of every prudent person not to pay heed to rumour of fake viral video of Rantas and not to share such fake videos on social media pages untill not put to the criterion of Socrates .
The administration must take stern action against rumour mongers who are circulating fake audio sound on Social media which has created an atmosphere of panic in kashmir .
Let us join the hands before it may become serious issue in near by future
Shyad ki utar jaye tayre dil may mayre yi baat