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Ganderbals’ ‘Wayil bridge’ emerges as vital link between Kashmir, Ladakh


GANDERBAL: The first semi-arch ‘Wayil Truss Bridge’ on Srinagar-Leh National Highway in Ganderbal district of central Kashmir has emerged as vital link between Kashmir and Ladakh which has significantly helped the J&K administration in easing journey on the highway.

The people have expressed high appreciation to the UT government and all other stakeholders for establishing this unique engineering marvel in the region.

According to bridge experts and engineers at World Bank funded Technical Assistance and Quality Audit Control (TAQAC), the construction of this prestigious bridge was sanctioned under the World Bank funded Jhelum and Tawi Flood Recovery Project (JTFRP) with a cost of Rs 23.79 crore.

Assistant Executive Engineer JTFRP, Showkat Ali Shah, who was instrumental in conceptualizing the bridge, said that it was heartwarming to see the project proving to be a boon for the people who are reaping the benefits. Recollecting his ideation days on the project, Shah said that he along with TAQAC technical staff went to several places across the country to understand several other technical nuances about this kind of the project. He said that project has undergone three-tier quality checks including environmental, civil and mechanical which make it safe project.

“This is a very strategic road. People of this area have been facing lot of issues due to lack of a vital link. This bridge will be instrumental in giving a big fillip to development profile of Kashmir,” Shah maintained.

“This bridge (Wayil) spans over 110 meters and weighs over a 700 metric tons mild steel for super structure,” he said, adding that “before this all attempts to construct the bridge at the spot on the same foundation pattern were left halfway.

The construction of the bridge was a long pending demand of the locals as well as the travelers as it is the only main link connecting Srinagar with Leh.

“This was our long pending demand from last many years. The pending works of the bridge used to create lot of traffic chaos in this part. Not only the locals were suffering, but the pilgrims, yatris and tourists visiting various areas here have to bear the brunt,” said, Mushtaq Ahmad, a local from Wayil, Ganderbal.

“We are highly thankful to the dedicated engineers and officials of JTFRP who have been part of this project. This has brought a new lease of life for a population of around 4 lakh. This marks the beginning of new dawn in Kashmir with development on top priority of the government,” he added.

Local stakeholders have also lauded the government saying that the construction of permanent bridges over nallah Sindh at Wayil would now ease the traffic snarls due to which the commuters, travelers and pilgrims were facing inconvenience.

After the Wayil bridge in central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district was thrown open for traffic, it has brought much relief to the motorists and commuters. The enhanced connectivity brought about by the Wayil Bridge will undoubtedly boost tourism and pilgrimage activities in the area besides bolstering the local economy.

Lieutenant Governor, Manoj Sinha, has expressed satisfaction with the successful completion of the project and the positive impact it will have on the lives of the people. “The Wayil Bridge is not just a structure of steel and concrete, but a symbol of connectivity, progress and convenience. It will pave the way for enhanced trade, tourism, and overall socio-economic development in the region,” Sinha said.

“We have done our best to put everything in best possible way technically. This bridge has become an engineering marvel so far. We are hoping this brings much relief to the people and the commuters,” bridge engineer (TAQAC), Abid Braroo, informed.

The Wayil Bridge, has been constructed using a unique combination of truss and arch bridge elements and girders, is poised to alleviate the longstanding challenges faced by the commuters in the area. It replaces the old single-lane bridge, which often led to traffic congestion and delays. With its enhanced capacity and improved infrastructure, the bridge has become a crucial link for the people of Ganderbal, facilitating smoother travel and reducing travel time significantly.

Pertinently, the Wayil Bridge stands as a testament to the government’s commitment towards improving infrastructure and connectivity in the region. As its importance reverberates through the hearts of the people of Ganderbal and beyond, it symbolizes a brighter future of seamless travel, economic growth and prosperity. With the Wayil Bridge spanning the gushing waters of Sindh nallah, the gateway to progress and development has been flung wide open, inviting new opportunities and forging stronger bonds between communities.