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Sadeeqi Naseer

As we all know that the blessed month of Ramadan enters its final phase, we should
remember that we still have a few hours left to gain for ourselves a treasure of reward.
We pray that the righteous deeds we have done during this blessed month are
accepted. We pray that we are not among those who will look back at this blessed
month lamenting the opportunities that have been squandered.

Let us suppose that an honourable guest visits you in your dwellings, showers you with
goodness and loves you – which you reciprocate; then the time for his departure
arrives, how are you going to bid him farewell and how are you going to feel? This
month of ramadan was a guest also. This wonderful guest is so polite that he does not
come back very often, so that you always desire his return later. Now that you realize
his departure, you do not know if you will ever see him again. He might not come
next year, or you may not be there when he comes back. These anxious thoughts of
fear and hope provoke your heart to cry and your eyes to shed tears. They make you
prepare the best farewell party ever made for a guest who, as he leaves, was the most
welcomed,We all know that this month was different ,because of Coronavirus we could not go to the mosques but still Ramadan did not stop its merits. The doors of the mosques
were definitely closed, but the doors of Rahmat(mercy) were not closed. We are lucky
that we got a chance to make a close contact with our lord, we are lucky that we have
fasted in Ramadan, Our houses were deserted, the cemeteries had become our houses
but thankfully now, this month, our houses were filled with prayers and filled with
O People who are present here!
The Month of Ramadan is coming to an end;
where are the eyes that will weep and where are the hearts that will humble themselves
by the fear of Almighty Allah, the Bounteous King.
Now the time of the departure of the month of Ramadan is very near and with you it
will stay just like a night-guest, or like a departing beloved.
Never forget that the separation of good friends is a very bitter thing;
so where are those who will perform as many good deeds in this month?

Undoubtedly those who have fasted, have collected great benefits and the
transgressors are the losers.
Bid farewell to this month with sighs, cries and constant weeping
How fortunate is the person, to whom you will return with blessings of Almighty
Allah,and how unfortunate is the one, against whose misdeeds you will be a witness
(on the Day of Judgement!).
Ramadan is the month of righteousness and generosity, the month of forgiveness and
liberation from Jahannum. It is all but gone now and nothing remains of it but a few
moments. Yesterday, we were congratulating each other on the arrival of the month;
today we are consoling one another over its departure and invoking Allah to accept all
our acts of worship.

In this noble month, many have done good deeds while others have done the
opposite. These are going to testify for or against us on the Day of Reckoning. We do
not know whether we are going to live to witness this glorious month again or not.
Therefore, the fortunate Muslim during this month was the one who was able to
perfect their acts of worship with sincerity and self-examination and end it with sincere
repentance, for acts are judged according to their ends.

Our righteous predecessors used to exert maximum effort in perfecting their acts of
worship and had grave concerns regarding their acceptance or rejection. Ali ibn Abi
Talib (radhiallahu anhu) warned, “Have a greater concern over the acceptance of your
deeds than you do for the amount of deeds you have performed. Do you not hear the
saying of Allah: ‘Indeed, Allah only accepts from the righteous'” [Qur’an, 5:27]

Fudhaalah ibn Ubayd (radhiallahu anhu) said, “To know that Allah has accepted a
single act of righteousness from me would be dearer to me than this world and all it
contains.” This is how diligent our predecessors were. O Allah! Forgive our negligence
and have mercy on us all.

May the peace of Allah be upon the month of fasting and night prayers. May the peace
of Allah be upon the month of the Qur’an and the remembrance of Allah. It has now
passed like the twinkling of an eye, yet while it was here it was an arena for those who
race to do good deeds. Endeavour then, to utilise the remaining hours of it by
performing good deeds for Ramadan can never be substituted by any other month. It
is a month in which hearts are refined and sins are forgiven. It is a month of security
and peace for the frightened. In this great month, many hands have been raised in
supplication, many a tear has been shed and many a heart has been struck with the
fear of Allah. Allah has showered His Mercy and Favour on many of His slaves in this
month – particularly in the last ten days of it. O you who have committed great sins!
These few remaining blessed days are an opportunity for you to repent, for whoever
is liberated from Hell has indeed won a great reward. As for you who have been
liberated from Hell by your Lord, do not shackle yourself in sins again. Is it rational
to be moving closer to Hell after your Lord has pardoned you from it? Hasten to do
more good deeds for some of you may not live to see the end of this year. Let the
negligent once among you seize the opportunity of this outgoing month in going
righteous deeds before it is too late. Let the heedless ones wake up and remember the
terrible fate that awaits them; let them try to spend the rest of their lives doing good
The month of Ramadan is about to end, it is the month which renews and recharged
our faith. Now that it has completed its objective and given us a graceful uplifting of
Eman, it is now upon us is to remain constant upon what it has given us or not. So,
even after Ramadan, we should try to keep our faith the way we have in Ramadan.
One should rise last third of the night and pray like prayed during the month of
Ramadan. Fast with the same strong-willed as during the month of Ramadan.
Celebrate the end of Ramadan with another act of worship, with Istighfaar and do not
forget to pay Zakat al-Fitr. And always remember that you may not see the next month
of Ramadan because no one knows the time of death. May Allah accepts our fasts and
worship what we did in the holy month of Ramadan and also forgive us. I pray that
Allah will save the whole world from this pendemic ( coronavirus) with the charity of

this blessed month, Ameen. And i offer Eid Mubarak to all the muslim ummah from
the bottom of my heart. We hope that this Eid will bring happiness to the whole world
and to our homes .