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Hilarious; Kupwara Boy’s ‘Injection’ video moves million hearts

Peerzada Mumin

Kupwara: A 2:16 minute video of a Kupwara boy has reached millions of viewers across India and Pakistan in the past 2 days. Rafiq Ahmad from Warsun(Gujraan) village of Kupwara has no idea about the video he rcorded casually would go so much viral on social media. The video has more than 5 Lakh views and counting on the wall of Rafaqat Ahmad from the past 02 days who recorded the video of the sick boy. On other social media sites, the video is having millions of views and people expressing joy as they could not stop themselves from laughter.
In the video, the boy is seen reluctant and scared of Injection, he makes excuses to the Paramedic to get an IV injection.

The mother grabs his hand and tries to convince him to get injected… But all in vain. In the last 30 seconds, that makes the video funny, as the needle is injected in the vein of the boy he makes the voice of sparrow like “trueee, trueee” and the mother and paramedic bursts into laughter. In the end, the boy says to Para-Medic “mai tumharai ghar chai peenai aawu ga” I will come to your place for tea and the video ends on a happy note.

The people are having all praises to the boy for the “Acting” and sound of a sparrow. The video is shared by many social pages of India and Pakistan getting millions of views and comments. Daily Pakistan also featured the story of the Boy.
However, some people have other opinions about the video , one user writes; “It is called trypanophobia and the anxiety shown by the boy is not a deliberate act for fun”.