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Houseboats waiting for tourists are at the brink of disaster Government and Department of tourism are in deep slumber to save its future.

Tourism is one of the most lucrative industries in the world peculiarity Houseboats which attracts the enchantment of tourists all over the world which plays weighty role in reviving economic activities and full fills the economic needs of the people.

Kashmir has always been safe for tourism and has zero record of crimes against tourists.But, unfortunately the invigorating waves of the world famous Dal Lake were unnerved when consecutively 5th houseboat has sinked thereby causing mayhem among owners of house boats . it was their salutary luck that the natives near by it run on the spot saved precious lives and taken out their valuables in the houseboat of emolument whom they depend was capsizing infront of their eyes . One among three episodes of sinking of Houseboats transpired during night hours when water started entering the houseboat and all the family members dread that something big was going to happen.

Sinking of house boats has now become wont of daily life and Tourism department is in deep slumber . It has engendered an aura of trepidation among houseboat owners who are perturbed about their future income. Most of the houseboats are in dilapidated condition and dead possible for them to revamp as they hardly manage their both ends meet very well . The most fragile nether parts of the houseboats need to be mended ( Caulking which is compulsory) every year before the start of the tourist season so that water does not enter from there. Since August 5, the income of houseboat owners has been almost insubstantial , when the government issued tourist advisory and now due to pendemic lock down houseboats are almost in high and dry condition and if the situation will remain same and there will be snowfall in winter, the accumulation of snow on the roofs of houseboats would further increase the load, and majority of the houseboats will sink .

Due to dearth of revenue, lower part of the houseboat has been repaired with cement, which is fleeting. The former Governments promised many times to mend them but not a single houseboat would has been mended so far. As a result ,the situation of the houseboats are going egregiously worse day by day which is to some extend going to vanish completely . Neither the present government nor the tourism department is looking serious to solve the burning issues of poor owners of Houseboats .We the owners of the houseboat request the Lieutenant Governor of union territory Jammu and Kashmir and tourism department to save their future otherswise the days are not faraway when this tourist boon will get wholly dissipated which once was considered the leading source of income for owners of houseboat and in and around market . It is clear now that our future generation will see Houseboats only by seeking videos on YouTube .We have bell the cat to government too many times but disappointed and now we are again doing same rehearse with this expectation that keenness of Llieutenant Governor of union territory Jammu and Kashmir along with tourism department will take some stern steps to revamp them inorder to save one of the attractive tourist spot , Houseboats which attracts the enchantment of tourists to save the source of our ensuing wealth otherwise attractive assest of our tourism will be forfeited

Furthermore , Government must proclaim monthly solatium to the possessor of the house boats to run their basic family expenses on wonted basis .We hope Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir will leave no stone unturn to save the future assest of tourism in Jammu and Kashmir which is one the ensuing source of income for owners of Houseboat and other sectors too.

Yakub Dunoo
Kashmir Houseboat Owners Association