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How young YouTubers and Memers spread smiles on Troubled Kashmiris’ faces

Peerzada Mumin

Kashmir has been in trouble from Last many decades. From killings to crackdowns, Shutdowns and Curfews. People here have gone through all this. In recent times the situation has worsened post Burhan Wani episode. There has been a consistent lockdown and killing spree which still continues.

 Though there was some mild peace but the conflicts has kept drowning masses here till now. According to Psychologists more than 70/cent of kashmir population is going through a deep mental trauma and depression.


 In all this terror and trauma some young men across the North and South kashmir have created YouTube channels while many others are active on Social media sites spreading smiles on Troubled faces of Valley.       
Among these channels and pages the prominent YouTube channels are Kashmiri Kalkhraabs ,a young group from Srinagar Kashmiri Rounders, from South Kashmir and Koshur Kalakar from Sopore. All these channels have lakhs of subscribes . All these channels upload funny videos on regular basis and get Lakhs of views, earning a good money and also contributing to make people have some Joy.

One Memer is also prominent who cannot be ignored anyway namely ‘kashur pagal kahana’ active on Facebook. The page has more than 1.5 lakh followers. The owner and operator, an engineering graduate Javid Tantray from Kupwara finds it a good medium to spread smiles and laughter among masses. He also feels proud of being a Memer. 

He says,”memers are playing very important role on social media ..But a memer in kashmir is like anonymous angle. it is  not easy to spread the smile  on the faces of such folks who have fallen pry to mourning , sadness, depression and victim of many other disasters .i am  so proud not for this that my page is very popular in kashmir , everytime I get successful  to change the dead mood of folks .

We live in a region (Kashmir) where 1.8 million adult population are suffering from mental distress, for a population of 8 million there are some 60 psychiatrists. 
Usually adult population is at the risk of anxiety and depression. Most adults in Kashmir are on social media,  KPK tries to target that adult population with laughter therapy.

 According to doctors laughter therapy have different benefits from increasing stroke volume to lowering the levels of stress harmone(cortisol).

“When we have less Number Of doctors so we need some creative technique to tackle the same problem.I am happier when I make the sad people happy. When I see the comment section full of laughter,” said a local artist .       
There are various other people who make people laugh through various mediums in the valley.