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This day, June 5, marks the Foundation Day of the International Human Rights Organization with a renewed resolved to dedicate itself to the cause of socio-economic emancipation and political freedom of the people in consonance with the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

IHRO calls upon all its cadres India-wide and its six lakh members as well as our colloborator-organizations spread over twenty friendly countries of the world to celebrate this day with a sense of service and humility, but holding meetings, seminars, discussions and cultural shows highlighting the achievements and aims and ideals of IHRO are not possible today because of Coronavirus and restrictions on public gatherings.. But we can share awareness among people and support needy families during this pandemic situation…
Even as we may look back with a sense of pride over the progress. made so far since the launch of IHRO in 2009 we are indeed not going to rest on our oars. Hence our firm resolve to march ahead with the help of our dedicated cadres and units in different parts and regions of the country.

I congratulate to all of you especially all team members of IHRO-International… we are dedicated to support everyone without any discrimination in every situation
Jai Hind, Long Live India, Long Live, Humanity and Human Values.

Dr.Nem Singh Prem
World chairman