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IK Poem : Darling,you have faded slowly…

Afroza Hamid Khan

From their memories
You have eroded away
with gusts of time
Who once owned your grace
Never does your name
Stir their soulstrings
You now fail to withstand
even the caressing gentle breezes
though once you ,in one go,
overturned the nastiest tornados of fate
Gone is the glitter
lost is that sparkle
That spread radiance to the souls
submerged in murk
A heavy heart you harbour,
Bent under its brass weight
trickles you to death
impeding your breaths…
Those blazing eyes,
Once stuffed with innocence,
and capable of sweltering
even the frozen crystals
Are seen now subaqueous
in the saline seas…
The peculiar roar of your heart
so skilled in tossing
and turning the ships
of envy sailing on the souls
bouyant on shallow outlooks
has intrepidly muted into a lull…
Hopes entwined the dreams
into the strongest cords of belief
have skirted away
dying unnoticed
into the slums of despair
Upright stature of yours
deemed ideal for ferocious warriors
to engrave triumphs
On the battlefields of life
Is seen inundated
with the frequent floods
Of that lonesome pair
of silent seas you behold
decking every inch of heart’s landscape…
the beloved angel dwelling there
in the safest chambers
of your drumming piece
has vanquished the jocularity
breeding paroxysmal signs
to your nesh marrow
for the vermin melancholy
thunders hard on loss of love…
the agitated beats
hankering for the fairest demon
guised as beloved,
has vandalised the cottage of your peace.
The pedestal base
with which you dreamt
Of building the towery tombs
of success
Buckle down on the mere rush
of past thoughts
This has handicapped
the once-so-firm determination
disabling the insights
To walk by the contours of plan
Leaving imagination in debris
And glimpses of prosperous tomorrow
In ruins…
You have been challenged
and badly exposed got your grit…
A black hole,your being,
wanders now in the darkest skies
of unknown
Impregnated with
plethoral repentances…
Wafting are your wildest beats
Awaiting the mercy of time
to lead you
Into the depths of incognito
Gifting obliviscence to the ones
Singing once the hymns on thy name. You are lost,darling
And that hurts a lot…

(The writer is a post graduate in English literature,hails from Sanoor Kalipora Magam
Can be mailed at, [email protected])