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In Kashmir , duo law professionals facilitate students with free virtual classes

600, law students receiving lectures from world famous academicians .

Faizan Qureshi

To facilitate around 600 law students of Kashmir , two law professional duo came with idea of ‘Quarantine learning’.

The ‘Quarantine learning Kashmir’ , is a home learning initiative , which aims at providing lectures , study material and interaction session for Law Students of valley .

This virtual interaction group was launched on 26 March, held its first seminar on 28 March. As of now, this group has Successfully held 15 webinars for law students.

Suhail Rashid Bhat, who is doing a masters in Human rights, Conflict and justice, SOAS London, with his co-founder Mahapara Nasir Khan, Final year law student, KU, came with this idea of home online learning classes for students of law.

Suhail Rashid Bhat,

The duo told Inside Kashmir when they started online learning classes within no period of time flocks of law students sent joining requests.” It was in our mind, we had been thinking about the possible loss of law students in academics due to Coronavirus Lockdown. We communicated with each other and took senior law fellows and professionals on board to make it a reality,” said this duo on joint statement, through email exchange.

Students who are part of ‘Quarantine leaning Kashmir’, are regularly receiving classes and prominent Law professors with international influence are giving guest lectures.

The duo told IK, Reporter, that, They have started this endeavour with a hope that law students can access to learning in this critical situation Kashmir.

” I want to thank and give huge applaud to Mahapara Nasir khan and Suhail Rashid Bhat for giving us such a marvellous opportunity to learn some basic issues, despite the unprecedented situation. It’s a wonderful experience to be part of the stupendous initiative. We learnt a lot about some of the core issues like ‘Hate speech’, international Dispute settlement, Abrogation of Article 370,” said, Rayees wani, final year law student, Central University of Kashmir.

Another student Nabeena Nabi, 3rd year Law Student, University of Kashmir, told inside kashmir correspondent that, Quarantine Learning initiative was an enlightening experience for them and she can say with certainty that all who are a part of it feel the same.
“Even with a 2G connection, we were able to learn the things from the best in the field. We wish, we had better internet connection for better clarity. I’d say that it has been an enriching experience for all the students and has further developed our legal reasoning,knowledge and acumen,” said Nabeena.

Co-founder of, ‘Quarantine Learning Kashmir’, Mahapara Nasir, while highlighting work strategy of this virtual workplace said, “The online platform will be available for law students at KU and CUK to engage in certain seminars moderated by legal scholars and students on various legal topics during this lockdown. We have tested the video strength of the online platform and it appears to be working well even on the low bandwidth (2G) currently available in Kashmir. We intend to restrict the access to Kashmiri students only as others have means to mitigate the circumstances.”

Co-founder of, ‘Quarantine Learning Kashmir’, Mahapara Nasir

The guest lectures are delivered by different scholars from Oxford University, Leiden University, Senior advocates, Senior professors and Legal experts.

screenshot of online classes

Recently a virtual seminar was conducted by senior advocate Zaffar Shah on the scraping of article 370 and it’s consequences and more than 1000 people joined the seminar.