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India at crossroad

Shahbaz Rasheed Bhoru | OP-ED Columnist

India is witnessing a serious political cum constitutional turmoil in length and breadth of its territory on account of emerging authoritarian and colonial nature of democratically elected Govt in centre .India got independence in 1947 from the colonial clutches but unfortunately inherited the authoritarian and colonial driver genes as well .This lethal inheritance led to abnormalcy in india thereafter, thus putting india’s multidimensional integrity at serious risk.This reality was perceived by many constitutional experts but could not manage to avert this menace. Ashok chanda who wrote in his book in 1965. ” Federalism in india ”the Indian constitution is not altogether free from authoritarian trends which it inherited in accepting the basis of 1935 Act”.Recently in an article written by Sugata Bose in well reputed Indian newspaper ‘The Indian Express’, He vividly expressed this rarely thougt notion about Indian constitution that “colonial inheritance in the constitution is being used to create states of exception ,which pose a threat to federalism” .Federal nature to newly independent india was a kind of safety check in order to thwart the chances of serious controversy between centre and state.But unfortunately not once in the constitution is the word “Federation”ever mentioned .Constitutional experts believe that India is a quasi federal country i.e federal state with some feature of unitary Govt.This concept of quasi is threatening the federal structure of india.Owing to which, unitary dominance is being practically practiced,which in turn is leading to uncertainty on the part of states regarding their smooth democratic function.Each state in india is ultimately under the central control so far as the executive powers of the states are concerned.As we know that the constitution of india put forward the provision of governor for each state.The governor of each state is vested with a lot executive ,judicial,legislative and financial powers.Article 154 of the Indian constitution states that all the executive powers of the state are held by the governor.The most paramount executive power at his disposal is that he can recommend the constitutional emergency in the state .In india the establishment of institution of governor is making the relationship between centre and states ambiguous.There are numerous issues about the position of Governor being abused,usually at the behest of the ruling party at the centre.
India is actually working in a constitutional mess where neither the states nor the centre is able to understand the nature of relationship between eachother.The Indian constituton is being misused by the central Govts ,as it seems just has become puppet in it’s hands.The central govt in india has always been majoritarian representative without any doudt.Each Govt in india interpreted Indian constitution in its own terminology.Minorities must have been appreciative of the kind treatment ,If Govts would have served them in a polite and pleasant manner .But on ground, minorites are totally unsatisfied with the way each Govt in the centre behaved with them. It is very painfull that india is being run under majoritarian ethos ,where minorities are day by day fearing about their impending multidimensional disaster.Chairman of the drafting committee Ambedker himself was knowing the problems which minorities were supposed to face in the future.He himself said “Minorities in india have agreed to place their existence in the hands of majority ….They have loyally accepted the rule of the majority which is basically a communal majority and not a political majority.It is for the majority to realise its duty not to discriminate against minorities.”
Present Govt made it clear to the world what is meant to be a minority in india.Its parliamentarian used the unconstitutional language while reacting on various minority issues.It is moral crime to criticize any religion or culture without not having gone through it in real sense.
I have no objection while referring the constitutional protection given to minorities by the constitution itself .But it’s interpretation in partial manner is just akin to chameleon’s colour fluctuation,sometimes minorities get attracted to its pleasant colour and sometimes get heartbroken while thinking of being intimate with them.Because such intimacy has always been paid by them .Govt must not run on their personal wishes but according to the wishes of public.Judiciary must interpret the constitution according to its soul not according to the aim and ambition of government in the centre. But Judiciary is also exercising what I can say interpreting party’s manifesto and not the constitution. I am not talking about only the present Govt but about all central Govts who were seated at the central throne of India in the past .
Current Delhi riots are the result of the complex ,biased and hate ridden political vocabulary of the Indian Jupiter’s democracy.A big and effective chunk of community was targeted ,who have been the makers of present day India,Who have been the throne holder of it,who have been the cultural architect of it , who have been the colonial resistant for foreign powers and who have been the freedom fighters of india.25 crore muslims in India makes a sense and it is not a joke to play with their sentiments.Drain of tolerance in India is on its alarming rate of surge,putting the india’s future at the serious risk.History is witness to this fact that none nation can maintain its diverse integrity in its strong position in the backdrop of continuous communal conflagaration .
Coronavirus is hitting the streets of the globe but in india communal virus is still a biggest danger to be confronted. Every time it is the Muslim being targeted .love jihad, tripple talaq,Babri masjid, j&k, Jammate Islami and now tableeg is at the centre of media and political controversy. Utterly got shocked when media was without keeping any element of sacredness to religion, busy in criticizing tableeghi jamat. In India I think now media has emerged as another powerful organ of government , either under it’s control or out of control. Absolutely unable to understand what is happening in india, for what purpose elections are contested, for what purpose supreme court is running, for what purpose this country is claiming to be the biggest democracy in the world and for what purpose only J&K is always in it’s every agenda. India being an important country in the world must not exhibit reluctness and senselessness because any wrong happening may start a cascading events potentially viral for global Sociopolitical structure. Throne is not anyone’s relative, it has been friendly to changaiz and hitler timely but not for ever. Due to their butchering policies history is not remembering them with good note. I know that not only india but the whole globe is on way to destruction .I would like to conclude with European philosopher Arthur Koestle’s opinion, who held that our race is programmed for self-destruction because of an engineering defect in the human cortex whereby the feeling and the thinking elements are inadequately integrated.

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