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Indian Army Conducts Agniveer Outreach Programme at ITI, Galzoo, Kupwara

Kamran Ashraf Bhat 

Kupwara – The Indian Army took a proactive step towards engaging with the youth by conducting the Agniveer Outreach Programme at the Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in Galzoo, Kupwara. This programme, introduced in June 2022, aims to familiarize young individuals with the advantages and enrollment process of the esteemed Agnipath Recruitment scheme offered by the Indian Armed Forces.

Indian Army representatives, recognizing the significance of technically skilled and adept soldiers, conducted an interactive session at ITI to encourage the enrollment of potential candidates into the Armed Forces. The focal audience consisted of final term students currently pursuing various courses at the institution.

During the outreach programme, the participants were provided with a comprehensive overview of the scheme’s benefits and the step-by-step procedure for enrollment. The dedicated staff and enthusiastic students of ITI actively engaged in the session, posing relevant questions and seeking clarification on various aspects of the scheme. The interactions proved fruitful in motivating the attendees to seriously consider a career in the Armed Forces.

The Agniveer Outreach Programme at ITI, Galzoo, Kupwara, exemplifies the Indian Army’s commitment to nurturing and harnessing the talents of the younger generation, while also fostering a deeper understanding of the diverse career opportunities available in the esteemed Armed Forces.