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Integrated Medicine: The Precise System for Perfect Health Care

By Dr. Wahida Murthy, MBBS DLO

Here in this article  I am trying to present a holistic view of the integrated Medice; the system that provides customized, personalized, patient centric healthcare. In this unique healthcare system patient and practitioner are partners in the healing process. More than that, all pertinent factors that influence health, wellness, and disease are taken into consideration, including mind, spirit, and community, as well as the body


The present year has made it abundantly evident that being healthy, while important is not enough. We believe that It is not only freedom from illness , but also a state of social, emotional and physical well being. Traditional practices have been tested repeatedly and proved over time that integrated medicine is the answer to the trying times we face today and likely in the future.


A few years ago, we came across and were inspired by an integrative medical System Anthroposophic Medicine-given by the wisdom of being human, that has been practiced in Europe for more than 100 years. Founded by Dr Rudolf Steiner and Dr. Ita Wegman. This medical system has been actively used in Holistic management of many diseases and ailments. It is in practice in may institutions Eg: Gieminschaft KrankenHaus Havelhoe-Berlin, Filder Klinik-Stuttgart, Herdecke University Hospital, Germany, Paracelcus Spital-Zurich, Klinik Arlesheim-Dornach-Arlesheim-Switzerland, etc. These are Government or trust General Hospitals that have traditional Medicine and manage their clients and patients where they use conventional Allopathic medicine integrated with Anthroposophic Medicine. Thus integrating systems of therapy that is most customized for the individual. This is used as a complementary system acting as a bridge system for the wellbeing of the patient. The approach starts with identifying the primary cause of the illness be it physical or emotional etc. and the complications of these, and thus managing the treatment accordingly. An integral part of this system is not only internal medication, it is enhanced with external therapies, artistic therapies, yoga, therapeutic meditation, eurythmy, music, biography counseling, organic nutritional support, etc.

One of the important of integrated treatments is in cancer management that is done in many centres. The adjuvant treatment is with Mistletoe extract in injectables. This has been in use since 100 years especially in Klinik Arlesheim and is in extensive use in many of the centres in Europe. This is perhaps the most researched “anti cancer drug” in the world since more than 60 years. Patients who have received the therapy are given regular anti cancer treatments and mistletoe. They have been recorded to have good compliance with the medication, reduced side effects of Chemo radiation therapies, and increased efficacy of the same. It has been proven to cause Apoptosis, Immune enhancement of the effect of Natural Killer cells, T cells and macrophages, besides local anti cancer cell activity. 

Anthroposophic Medicines have been used in many other areas , like neuro-degenerative diseases, paediatric disorders of  inflammation . It is also effective in Autism and ADHD a rising trend in non communicable disease of children these days. It is also very effective in psycho therapy, DIabetes and Hypertension and other lifestyle diseases, Obstetrics and Gynecological diseases. Etc.

This being an inclusive method of training, doctors from all streams like, Allopathic, AYUSH practitioners, etc. learn this holistic methodology and practice this complementary medicine. Thus they are able to Integrating this system into their field of expertise, therein creating a bridge of therapeutic intent with the existing system and complementing it.

Thus far this has been an individual training, the interested doctors are mentored by established practitioners and after a rigorous training…