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International Human Rights Organization.

From Chairman’s Desk
Dear IHRO Family,
Greetings of the day!!!!
Hope this text finds everyone keeping well and doing Good in respective
Before bringing perspective for future, let me take you through some of
the team’s highlights we had accomplished in near past. Before Covid-
19,we organized various camps to promote women empowerment and
education. We have always been critical of all kind of discrimination and
inequality against individuals regardless of their caste, religion, race and
place. We had successfully urged Iranian and Pakistan government to
stop persecution against Baha’I citizen and Hindu minority respectively.
We organized self-defense training programs to empower and build
capabilities among youth including women. We established Lok Adalats
to conciliate and solve dispute between parties concerned and organized
legal awareness camps to make people aware of basic law and rights.
During Covid-19, we took several precautionary and curative initiatives
such as setting up 400 bed-facility in Delhi’s Rakab Ganj Gurdwara to
treat mild and moderate Covid-19 cases . During the time when there
was crisis of resources, we had successfully delivered oxygen & essential
drugs and this was much appreciated by Govt. Agencies and public at
large. Simultaneously, supporting the Jews to get quarantined and helping them to reach back home safely was much appreciated.

We all know that in past we have strived for human resource development
and empowerment and ensured that all individuals are endowed with not
only human existence and survival but also all essential aspect of life
which make their life meaningful, complete and worth living such as right
to health, right to education and right to safe and clean environment.
Taking the success stories further, Time has come to move to the next
level of activations. Core team has brainstormed and had identified
following focus areas for the year:

  1. Health Care
  2. Environment
    3.Skill development
    We are planning for series of events on 5th June celebrating World
    Environment Day. Through this letter, would like to encourage everyone
    to share ideas /conceptualizations for the event at your respective
    location on
    Also, Before we start organizing the events , we need to clean up the
    membership & volunteer data . State presidents are requested to share
    the updated file of membership list before 20th April to enable renewing
    the id cards in the new format.
    Would like to inform that IT support team is working on migrating to
    newer and dynamic webpage soon. In order to bring whole family
    together , would request members to join on our telegram
    This year as India assumes G20’s presidency , the whole world is
    reiterating philosophy of “Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam” . Let’s also sync with
    the theme “ The world is One Family” and keep the mission of IHRO
    Dr. Nem Singh Premi