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‘It’s too much now, Kashmir needs peace and prosperity’

Inside Kashmir’s Iqra nabi and Razia Shaban  interviews Suman Nehru a Kashmiri  native from hindu community who is currently living in delhi.Suman gives extraordinary details about her mother land , childhood memories and what she feels about Kashmir now. 

Iqra & Razia: Where were you born in Kashmir and at what age you migrated ? 
New Delhi: I was born at Haba Kadal in Kashmir and was probably one year old when we migrated from Kashmir. My father was in service in a Border Roads Organization at that very time, he was transferred to Nagaland so we had to accompany him. Only my grandmother didn’t leave but stayed in Kashmir, we used to visit Kashmir at least twice a year.

Iqra & Raiza : Since you were only one year old you may not have any memory of childhood you would share with us.
No, I was only one year old at the time of migration but we used to spend our vacations in Kashmir our birthplace as a routine  till 1990. In Haba Kadal where I was born,people of all communities lived with Harmony and peace. The situation of Kashmir was quite satisfactory at that time which is now entirely different on the basis of religion. My father had many friends in Kashmir most of them were Muslims.My cousins always used to take me with them wherever they roamed about because I was the youngest and naughtiest child of them all, that is the reason I am too attached to Kashmir.
Iqra and Razia : What experiences did you gain about Kashmir during your visits?
Amazing! I have a great experience with Kashmir as I remained in touch with my dwelling place, had I any option I would leave the job and fled to Kashmir.
Iqra & Razia : Which is your current living place and what differences did you find therein culture, environment and traditions as compared to Kashmir?
I am currently living in Delhi, there are quite a job opportunities in Delhi as compared to Kashmir which’s the reason I am in Delhi. My children are understudies I want to give them better education which is not possible in Kashmir. Kashmir is a peace-loving place but if we look in the context of education and job opportunities Kashmir still struggles to pace up with standard  development.
Iqra & Razia : What do you say about the negative media coverage of Kashmir?
Kashmir is not so bad  place as has been presented by media, that’s why I have written an article over it. I don’t understand why people are afraid to visit Kashmir     “Agar tum wahan jaoge tou tumhe maar diya jayega khaskar agar tum hindu ho “( If you go there you will not be spared especially if you are a Hindu, these rumours are baseless).I recently visited Kashmir, it remained satisfactory. None asked me which religion did you belong to. I stayed for 15 days there with my Muslim friends. There were some families who have suffered a lot inspite of their grieves they made me feel at home.

Iqra & Razia : What message would you like to convey to the natives of Kashmir and the people who want to visit Kashmir but are afraid, do you recommend them to visit Kashmir?
I recommend everyone to visit Kashmir at least once, see the reality and don’t trust false and baseless stories of media.The common man is living a life full of grief and discomforts and many have lost their ‘kiths and kins’. I have seen students who have not attended schools, colleges for years, youngsters are jobless. I think everyone from all over India should visit Kashmir and we should do what we can do to revive peace in Kashmir. I suggest Kashmiris remain in unity and with Harmony, they shouldn’t grope in bifurcation- on religious lines. I belong to a Pandit family but it doesn’t mean I will be in favour of a Pandith without any credibility. Some Pandits too have made a negative image of Kashmir due to politics. I humbly request everyone,  consider Kashmirs as humans and for the sake of humanity unite them. It’s too much now, Kashmir needs peace and prosperity.