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Jio Tower Installed 2 Years Ago In Mulgam Tangmarg Is Still Non- Starter

Mir Rayees  

Mulgam , Tangmarg are facing  weak cellular singal due to which they are not able to hold proper mobile phonic conversations . 

“We the residents of village Mulgam, Tehsil Tangmarg, District Baramulla face a lot of signal issue since last 3  years.Our signal has been completely snatched now, as our indoor signal is absolutely zero due to which we are facing lot of trouble. In this regard we hade approached many times Jio Telecom at 198 helpline where we have been kept in dark always” , Said locals to this reporter .
Despite tele Communication company has  installed a tower before  2 years ago ,but they have kept it totally idle, keeping locals  deliberately in trouble.
One of the resident said that ,Once they (198) assured us that the sight will be live by or before  of January 2020,but all in vein, they  have been telling us  only new dates  and evading our requests  . “Wee again appeal Jio Telecommunications  to please restore the jio site so we may not face any problem again .”