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By : Asfeyah

“Agar Firdaus barrow e zameen ast, hume astoo, humee astoo, humee ast.”

A very common Persian line often being heard or read by everyone has lost its true meaning.
The Beauty of Kashmir can only be seen in the photographs captured in far off uncivilized places. However, the reality is still unfolded before the people who believe it to be a paradise. According to me if the reality gets revealed, in spite of beautiful mountains, rivers and lakes, one could see images of blooded roads, rivers full of dead bodies, crying children, scared faces and many such that will truly change your thoughts about this so-called paradise. In other parts of the country one can roam across the streets without any fear except of getting robbed. But, this paradise is such a place where one has restrictions to move out of his house and roam in his streets. Also, one is trapped in a fear of not getting robbed but getting murdered, kidnapped or beaten unnecessarily and that too without being a criminal or without having any such records in the past.
The people are happy as you know but not everywhere. The continuous shutdowns at least once or twice a year for a couple of months snatch the livelihood of many individuals and become a result of their disappointment in their life and in many cases, these disappointments had resulted in suicides. Also, women here in Kashmir as many news channels or many outsiders report after being to Kashmir are not enjoying their homes, many of them are mourning and some of them continue to mourn from decades back as maximum of these ladies are widows or half widows as either their husbands had been murdered or unidentified and the credit for this goes to the Indian forces and the government has not even punished them for a single day.
India is a democratic country everyone knows but at the same time, there is not even a single law of justice applicable for Kashmiri people. The special status that was given to Kashmir had also been snatched and that too without the agreement of the people living here and then too these majority of people with no knowledge will say for what Kashmiri need freedom?
The discussion does not end here. In this so-called paradise, a person who knows the reality is not the news reporter that too dances on the beats of the orders of Indian government, neither the one who lives miles away from here. But, a person who has been living here since decades but not for a couple of months or years and when these long living kashmire people are asked they have nothing to start with but tears. Being suspected as terrorists, being discriminated as Kashmiri, facing curfew days and nights, months and years, for being beaten in our own hometown unreasonably and that too by the people who don’t even belong to Kashmir, this is Kashmir not a paradise on earth rather “once a paradise on earth” and a kashmire who had faced and experienced this can a hundred and thousands of times repeat with tears in his eyes and boiling blood that Kashmir is not what the outsiders see but it is what a kashmire experiences.

“From restrictions to move freely in our own lanes to not being permitted to enjoy our rights, we saw it all. From thousands of rapes to official murders, we faced it all, from all cold blooded murders to human right violation and much more, we saw it all.” And they will still have a damn question in their minds “freedom from what?”
there are many such incidents that are evidences of the discrimination a Kashmiri faced. A very common example to this is what every single illiterate and literate, young and old has a knowledge of. It is the restrictions of call and internet service for many continuous months that result in the isolation of Kashmir from the outside world. Their studies, business, communication and what not gets isolated or barred.
Kashmir is the only place in the whole so called democratic India where a student studying here attends his school once for 3 or 4 months only and that too with fear in their hearts and fears in the hearts of their parents just because of not having the surety to reach home safely in the evening. The only place is this so called paradise where successful business person is the one who does government jobs and work in private schools, colleges and universities as they enjoy getting salary even during continues lockdowns and strikes, and a poor old farmer, a shopkeeper or a vegetable vendor, a milkman or a carpenter, a mason or a cobbler in kashmir sometimes has to sleep with empty stomach for many days. This is Kashmir which the Indian news channels will never report, foreigners will never say and hence, the truth gets unrevealed. Again this short article is among one such that will surely get ignored and have no future except the arrest of the writer for writing the truth. PSA, jail, torture by Indian armed force, or maybe the writer will get hanged because this is Kashmir but occupied by so called democratic country-INDIA!!

The writer is a student and has a great enthusiasm for writing . She can be reached at