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Kupwara: Private teacher running between School, CEO Office against withholding salary

CEO Office Kupwara has put me in limbo, instead of helping me, they delayed action against Dream World Educational Institute: Private Teacher.

SPOTLIGHT REPORT ( Inside Kashmir)
BY | Danish Bhat

Kupwara: Private School in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kupwara district have left no stone unturned in humiliating and psychological torturing him by withholding salary for months, said Najmus Saqib a, who was working as a private teacher in Dream World Educational Institute, Allachizeb, Kupwara.

In informal communication, The School unilaterally took a decision of terminating Saqib in the midst of summer session without any intimidation or prior notice. According to Saqib, School left him without any option in the mid-summer-session when schools had closed all windows for new employee engagements.

“Amid peak days of the Summer session, I was terminated without any intimation. At least there should have been a protocol of termination. For any suspension or termination, the employer issues a Show Cause Notice to the employee to provide a reason for the action. Without any prior notice, I was left jobless in the peak summer session”, said Saqib.

According to labor and employment relevant laws; no employer will remove or dismiss an employee who has put in service under him continuously for a period of not less than six months, except for a reasonable cause and unless and until one month’s previous notice or pay (in lieu of notice) has been given to him.

Saqib told Inside Kashmir that, he accepted the termination order without disputing it in concerned courts despite having very genuine reasons for the objection, Still the school illegally is withholding his salary.

“When school served termination notice, I accepted it and told them to make sure my salary of months from last year is released on time. They gave me assurances timely which were followed with delay tactics. I told them repeatedly with representations that I am ex-employee of your school so therefore you have no right to hold my rightful salary”, Saqib added.

In Inside Kashmir’s investigation, our special correspondent found that Saqib had visited the CEO’s office many times. The CEO had constituted a committee for investigating the matter. But, instead of resolving the issue, Committee which was headed by Principal Ladarwan Higher Secondary, resorted to ‘conventional wisdom’ of delaying tactics.

Saqib was assured by Committee for almost 2 months that, ‘if the school is not paying him 45,000 rs, they will send a reference to CEO for legal action against Administration of School’.

When our Special Correspondent contacted the Head of Committee, he on many occasions of Phonic conversation said that the school will soon release the amount which has been withheld but till now only 10 thousand in the shape of ist installment was paid.

In our investigation, it was found that Committee had many deliberations with the school authority and their management had given assurance of releasing salary in two installments, according to the MOU of negotiations, Dream World Institute had to pay ist installment in the first week of September. But, School violated the MOU and after many communications, they released only 10 thousand in the 3rd week of September. According to MOU between Saqib , CEO’s constituted Committee and Dream World Institute; School should have released half of 45,000Rs, which amounts to 22500 rs.

Saqib said to this reporter that, ”when Dream World Institute Violated the MOU, I informed the Committee head Ashiq Paul Sir to send a reference for action to CEO but he always either resorted to delay tactics or told me to wait, which was for nothing”.

When the Committee showed a cold response, Saqib moved to CEO’s Office again with a new complaint, a copy of which lies with us.

According to This complaint, Saqib has informed the CEO of a poor response from the CEO Office.

“With utmost respect and regard, I want to bring your kind attention to the facts followed by the request below:
It was 2/Aug/2021 when I submitted my ist application in your office against a private School that is withholding my rightful salary from last year. But, unfortunately, your record section misplaced it, again I took my time out in my busy schedule and submitted another application with high hopes for justice.
Your goodness issued an order to constitute a committee for the investigation of matter and reconciliation under the leadership of Principal higher Secondary, ladarwan, Mr. Ashiq Paul sir. He initiated the duly process and sent a letter to the chairman of Dream World Educational Institute, Allachizeb,Kupwara, Mr Tanveer”, saqib wrote in his compliant.

Saqib went on and apprised the CEO about how Committee has failed miserably, “When the Head of the committee, Mr. Ashiq Pual Sir sent a letter to the concerned administration of the school, The chairman didn’t pay heed for more than two weeks, thus humiliating the whole process.After School established contact with the Head of the committee, the said principal deputed a school lecturer with me for reconciliation and meeting. The school accepted withholding salary which is the sum of 45,000 rs and gave word to transfer it to my account in two installments. Initially, they told me to accept three installments and my argument was based on One installment, but after a brief discussion, I allowed two installments with recognition from Lecturer, deputed by Ashiq sir. It was unanimously decided by all parties involved in this matter that, the school authority will pay all dues with 1st installment transferred in the first week of September ; but the school failed to do so. After contacting the committee a dozen times, I lost hope for the redressal of the issue. I was forced to approach the media. When this media person called chairman, the administrator transferred only 10 thousand on the 17th of September 2021.”,

“It is requested to your goodness that, despite the said school violated all negotiation rules, a committee which was constituted by your office has not sent any reference against the school to you. I request you to take a step against the school for mentally torturing me and holding my salary illegally.”, Saqib appraised the CEO about the situation through this complaint,” Saqib request CEO in the last paragraph of his complaint.

Moreover, Saqib told Inside Kashmir that, he followed all duly process but still he is being forced to go through humiliation.
“It has been days now, two visits to CEO Office; feels like they are very happy in their comfortable offices and don’t care about our miseries. CEO Kupwara told me that he will take action against the school in a matter of few days but now almost more than a week has gone I am still in limbo”, hopeless Saqib said in anguish.

Meanwhile, when Inside Kashmir Contacted CEO Kupwara , Abdul Hamid Fani and asked him, why the process is taking too much unnecessary time?, he said,” We can’t force School to pay or we don’t have any MOU. We are looking into it and the issue will be resolved soon”.

Pertainly, Director School Education had issued an order last year that , DSEK will cancel registration of such Pvt schools withholding salaries, terminating staff during pandemic. With such clear orders there is an ambiguity in CEO’s statement to Inside Kashmir that on what grounds his ‘office is in no position to take action’.