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Kupwara Shelling victims no more concerned about corona threat

Peerzada Mumin

People living in many areas of Kupwara district are no more worried about corona virus which has taken almost 1 lakh lives and counting across the globe. When Cross border shelling started here two days before ,people were inside their houses , but the thundering and ground shaking bangs forced them to come out of their houses and run for safer places. “Previously, we were restricted to our homes now we have to go far from our shelter every morning and return in the evening” said one local youth. As I witnessed people clubed and no masks on their faces. On being asked “why don’t you wearing mask”. He replied .” Let this war leave us first,then we will think about corona . This ‘no fear factor’ is instigated by the wrath of human hands , cruelty has hijacked humanity .”