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Locks on educational institutions, bustle in markets!

Adil Salaam


Someone has said well, if you are planning a year, sow rice, If you are planning a decade, plant a tree. If you are planning for a lifetime, educate people. But there is something else in our world. Education is less important here and markets are more important. However, the situation in Kashmir has been unfavorable for the last several decades. The education sector has suffered a lot. To be deprived of this eternal blessing is not only a misfortune but also a carelessness.

Unfortunately, nature is never accepted and carelessness is such that as soon as an opportunity arises to open an educational institution after any incident, lice will not crawl in the ears of adminstration. Coronavirus epidemic and education level aging. There is no doubt that the whole world is in a state of sighing and crying at the moment, thousands of deaths and complete destruction of the economy. But, at the local level, a number of projects were launched and succeeded.

Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during this period of time, with the economy collapsing in one place and education in another. In countries where education is more important than business. Where the teacher’s honor is many times greater than that of a great bureaucrate. But there was something strange in Jammu Kashmir, beyond education, the markets, business sectors, and many other things were given importance.

When it came to opening educational institutions, it was a threat to students. It is also true and obligatory that the items available in the markets are also an important part of life but is it not correct to say that the way the government is making arrangements in the markets  is also possible in educational institutions.

 However, in the past, there were many stages in Kashmir where it became difficult to live in, the future of the students and the opportunity for good training may have been very little. The children here have to be picked up and so are many other businesses.

 The situation in Kashmir is dire and horrible. It is a disgrace to rely on the promises made here. If we talk about the last 7 years of Kashmir, only student has suffered the most in those years.

 2014 Floods

 In September 2014, torrential rains in the region caused catastrophic floods in most of its districts. The Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, as well as the Pakistani territories of Azad Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan and Punjab were also affected by the floods.

 The floods left the people of Kashmir in a state of panic as at least 460 people were killed, as well as residential houses, businesses and educational institutions. This time too, students were looking for a bright future, a path of light. Of course, it was a natural disaster, but the children, businesses and workers had to suffer at least a year complete shutdown.

 2016- Burhan Aftermath

  On July 8, news spread in Kashmir that militant Burhan Muzaffar Wani had been killed in the Bamkora Kokranag area. As soon as this news reached the people, a terrible situation arose in Kashmir. After this incident students in Kashmiri stayed locked inside their homes for at least another year. The same situation broked the backs of Kashmiris again after observing a year shutdown. 

  2019 Revocation Of Article 370-35A

 August 5 and the special status in Kashmir, ie the rights of the owners here and no non-state is allowed to buy land or work here. This day is part of the historic day in Kashmir where this special position was relinquished. Not having a government here. Because the government did not have any difficulty in removing this section 370-35A. Although the government has made big claims in return, these dreams will never be embarrassed. At the same time, even though the past and future of the students here is in jeopardy and an outside resident from above is coming here to work, it is time that living in Kashmir is not really everyone’s cup of tea. Even during this decision, educational institutions remained closed for at least 7 months. And although the educational institutions were locked, modern facilities were available, so that students here may overcome by this disaster. Telephone, landline, internet and many other facilities were not available for 8 consecutive months and the students here were also deprived of this wonderful blessing. Shocking statement is from the Supremecourt of India where they said Internet is not a fundamental right. This year also proved to be a disaster year for the students of Kashmir.

 2020- Covid19

  The difficult hour appeared in the form of a plague. The coronavirus outbreak that started in China has killed at least one million people around the globe. And his wrath has descended on Kashmir as well as the whole world. The epidemic has complicated the situation in Jammu and Kashmir to such an extent that more than 80,000 cases have been reported and 1146 deaths have been reported too.

 Now who will testify to the plight of Kashmiri students. Now, if the government has taken special measures to fight the corona virus, ie SOPs, why not in educational institutions, if they are allowed to work in markets, office work and other business centers through these SOPs If so, why not in educational institutions? It is obligatory that the rest of the work is also included in the necessities of life, but is education not necessary? How nations are settled because there are educated citizens. Even if it is known that Kashmir has come to the surface, that is, it is facing difficulties day by, why doesn’t the government realize that educational institutions are still one of the most important necessities of life. It can be estimated that more than 13,600 public and private schools have closed their doors in the last eight months of Covid 19. Although other countries have not been able to open educational institutions during this pandemic, they have been providing modern connected internet facilities, unfortunately to the extent that the government has failed to provide 4G internet services here for the last one year. There is no doubt that some situations occur in nature and some in human form. Now, as soon as the solution of these complex situations falls into the hands of man, he should be neutral in all respects. Therefore, the government should allow SOPs to operate in educational institutions in exactly the same way as in other centers. And no more time for Kashmir students would loss!

Adil salaam is currently working with dail Inside Kashmir and completing graduation in mass communication at Baramulla Degree College .