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Meet Cricket Sensation from North Kashmir : Irfan Shiekh-aka Bahubali

Bhat Danish

Handwara : When you are a cricketer from North Kashmir people have expectations from you considering how talented players from North Kashmir are and Irfan Sheikh is one among the many from the North, probably among the most famous from North Kashmir cricket who is entertaining spectator with Bat and Ball.

Irfan Belongs to the small Village Kuhoora in Langate Handwara, locally known as Bahubali.

This Name was Given to Him By Locals for his outrageous Stroke Play. He Hits Ball as Hard as anyone Else decimates the Blowing Attack .

Speaking to this correspondent, Irfan said i took to cricket because my father supported me. He played what is called for a mohalla team,” said irfan Sheikh.

Sheikh Made it to Professional Cricket in 2014 and From there , He hasn’t Looked Back Waseem Bandy was the one Who kept Supporting Him along the Way.

Bahubali Has Learned all the Basic Things About the Game By Himself He coaches by None.

It is Quite Surprising To See The Bahubali idolizes a local Cricketer. His Idol is Rohit Sharma.

Irfan doesn’t remember How many Centuries
And 50’s He had crossed . He only Remembers His Highest Score which was is staggering 104 in T20 Match .

Presently , Irfan Sheikh (Bahubali) represents The Reds Handwara cricket Club By Waseem banday, Mustafa Banday the old Famous club of North kashmir with some years of his prime , Irfan Sheikh Would it Count and Play at the Top level again