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Meet the unsung hero Lineman of PDD, Who works for “Not to let Consumer Suffer” in snowfall.

Sakib Dass

29 Dec, Anantnag :- When Kashmir Valley witnessed a first Snowfall of ‘Chil-e-Kalaan’ season (a harsh winter time of 40-days) on tuesday, South Kashmir’s Anantnag district received it’s Season’s first snowfall on plains.

Mohsin Rasool Darzi, 28, hailing from the Green Colony main town of Anantnag district who is working as a daily wager Lineman in Power Development Department (PDD) since 12 years and is known for performing his duty honestly in Hazratbal, Malaknag and Shirpora area’s of Anantnag district.

Darzi, showed a exemplary work on Tuesday, when three Mohalla’s of his concerned area were cut from the Electricity due to heavy snowfall that lead to broke down a Low-Transmission (LT) Line.

‘Darzi’ said, Early morning he received a phone call from one of the power consumer and informed him that the area is without electricity. “Despite, it was snowing heavily, I reached to the area along with helper ‘Mohammed Shaban Bhat’ with a ladder. After investigation, I came to know about the LT wire break down due to snow that let to consumers suffer with no electricity.” He said,

“While it was continuously snowing,I informed first to incharge of Power receiving station Cheeni Chowk Anantnag to cut off whole supply in the area. I got into motion, climbs to the pole with support of ladder and jointed the LT line within a short time and later restored the power supply in the area.”

Darzi’ while talking to inside kashmir correspondent said that “Besides performing my duty, i have a greater contribution in the society since I was engaged to the department.My purpose is ‘Not to let consumers suffer during winter season’.

“As the winter starts, it brings immense miseries to the people and consumers needs power supply, But when a fault is minutes away work, why should we let our consumers suffer? . So, it was my duty to restore power supply in the area. Despite snowing, I performed it honestly. ” Darzi said.

“Besides, as we are fighting with covid-19 deadly disease, many people are on the oxygen concentrators in their homes.They need power supply to operate these machines, While some poor can’t afford to buy power back-up or generating machines they have an eye on Electricity. My target is they should not be suffered at my end”. He said

Darzi, appeals to the Lt. Governor to make regularise services of those daily wagers like him who are working very hard in the field. He further appeals to power consumers to make judicious use of power supply and refrain from the hooking, illegal and excessive loads.