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Mehbooba Mufti: An Iron Lady of Mainstream Politics


Kashmir is known for its politics across the globe, whether it is mainstream politics or Joint Resistance Leadership, both are the dual faces of a coin but reasonably conflicting ideologies. To whom the People of Kashmir have contributed equally it is often said that Kashmir politics is incomplete without the sustenance of the Delhi-based government. Whenever an election takes place the political party gets a political mandate through the democratic process has to move towards the central government to form a progressive government for the given term.

In 2014, the Peoples’ Democratic Party won elections in the erstwhile state and later bifurcated into two union territories; J&K and Ladakh.  Bhartiya Janata Party was in power at the central level. Initially, PDP Supremo and former home minister of India resist forming the government with Bhartiya Janta Party. It took two months to finish the Common Minimum Program; The agenda of alliance. It didn’t last long, with the demise of Mufti Sayyed alliance departed its ways, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) failed to come to an arrangement for continuing the alliance and governor ruled was imposed.

Now, Mehbooba Mufti took command of the party, but the ground reality was quite abhorrent it was believed that fringe legislative members within the party sidestepped the party head and tried to tie-the-knot with the central government on its own. It created a hustle and bustle situation among other legislatures and the situation exited wrong. Hence PDP Supremo met Prime Minister Modi to ally again it was a decision which political thinkers believed to be taken in hassle. later proved that prediction was legitimate when BJP pulls-out its coalition government with the PDP. On social media, it was tagged as BJP divorces PDP, openly to Mehbooba Mufti. To overcome such deception. She worked with her father’s close aides then they expelled devious, ambidextrous members of the Party. 
It whispers that the party is on the verge of its extinction. Claims and concerns were high about the abrogation of special status. On the 5th of August, the central government brought a bill to the parliament scrapping Article 370 and Article 35-A. Centre passed the bill, hence, the special status of Jammu and Kashmir was taken away. The panic was all across. At late night Mufti came out of her residence and tried her zeal and zest to integrate other party supreme. It was tough but she did it all alone. All the stakeholders of mainstream politics from grass root level to higher have been incarcerated for some time. Mufti was still under detention and lastly released after completing twelve months of confinement, which was undoubtedly a brave move and was widely praised across the valley. It furnished her political career and emerged as the third-largest party in the recent and first electoral process post the nullification of J&K’s special status in a form of District Development Elections.

In contemporary times, she is a one-man army combating against the prejudicial decision of nullifying the special status of Jammu and Kashmir. In response, she pays a huge price is being targeted clumsily both personally and politically as well. Her father’s sepulchre was also questioned by central agencies.Being a woman, how she coup-up her party after losing her mentor, defying all odds s her political maturity. It depicts that if a single woman can show her dissent, fight, and tremble the central government being a Kashmiri Politician, why cannot others. Her mainstream political struggle against dissent is and will be marked as a “Symbol of Courage” and in my sagacity “An Iron lady of mainstream politics”.                                 

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