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Miandad recalls one of his best tours to India

ISLAMABAD: Former captain and batting legend Javed Miandad on Wednesday dug into the past, recalling one of Pakistan team’s tours to India wherein the players from the two sides played Holi at a hotel in Bangalore.

The legendary batsman appeared on his YouTube channel and recalled as how the players did not have much to do during the Holi festival, but they enjoyed that season and had fun by putting colours and pushing one another in the swimming pool.

“During the [1987] Bangalore Test both the teams were staying in the same hotel. Those were Holi days and due to leaves we had nothing to do. Holi celebrations also began in our hotel. I remember that the boys [players] even entered Imran Khan’s room. Everyone was putting colours on each other. We did not even spare Indian cricketers,” Miandad, a veteran of 124 Tests and 233 ODIs, recalled.

He said Indian cricketers were having more fun because it was Holi for them (their festival).

Miandad said the Indian players did not have any problems while celebrating with the Pakistan players. “All the Indian players were throwing whatever [colour] they were having on us, and we were totally soaked,” Pakistan’s 1992-World Cup hero said.

The erstwhile batting great also shared fun moments with former Indian cricketer and the current head coach Ravi Shastri.

“Shastri was trying to hide himself. We entered his room, picked him up and threw him into the water. We even tried to throw everyone in the water. That was such an environment that everyone was [engaged in celebrations] and not willing to leave others. I was also thrown [in the pool],” he said.

That was an excellent tour. [Perhaps] that was one of the best tour of Pakistan. The way we played matches [is memorable]. There was no hatred. Everyone loved the other. We were invited everywhere,” Miandad remarked.

Source: DAWN.COM