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My Travel Story

Arfat wani

Travel is a basic human need. I always keep my self active to visit new places don’t know why I am crazy about travel. Last month during Covid-19 Pandemic situation I decided to travel nearby mountain, mostly I used to travel far-flung areas and very little to visit big cities and towns. Then I chose to Lamber top banihal with my friend Parvaiz Ahmed who is always ready for expedition together. It was 19th of February 2020 weather was cloudy with little droplets of rains but we started climbing at 8:15 am. We both were very excited and passionate to reach on the top of the mountain.

After 1 and half hour of travel, we managed wildwood to burn and prepared tea on that wood sticks. We took some hot sips surrounded by cozy blanket of clouds and snow. After little refreshment, we again had started hiking towards the top to Lamber hill.

There we met some horror shades we saw various clues of wild animal footprints and other Wildlife shades for a while I was shocked and worried don’t know what will happen with us.
But my friend Parvaiz gave me hope, all is well hope for the best, nothing is here and after we started hiking more and said we have to complete our expedition at 1:15 pm we were on the top of Lamber Mountain it is height is 600 metres.The snow was all around minimum of 2 feet were lying at that time. We both enjoyed for 2 to 4 hours took again tea, Lunch and some lite snakes really that was very interesting and heart touching moment which we had together there. I feel travel is the best activity and when you decide to go for hiking. This activity is very beneficial for your mind, health and feels heart free from toxic intakes.

I advise you all try to nature walks in mountains where you fell somehow life is better with nature at 3:15 pm we had started the walk to downwards for to reach at home, as you know when we start to get on Mountains we take more time than get off from the mountains after enjoying a lot we met a group of children they were with cattle we took some gossips with them for 15 to 20 minutes and captured some photographs and selfies.

They had given us good gesture & after we again continued our journey by foot toward Link road which was 7 to 8kms away from that point. We had taken only 50 to 60 minutes to reach on that link road. After reached at the road. We sat into our car and started driving towards our home at 5:15 we were at home after completion of 1day expedition.
I feel banihal is the best place for mountaineering, Trekking and Camping This place is a bowl type you will get to see all around mountains with snow blanket during winters and green covered in summers. It is 15 Kms away from Jawhar tunnel, 90kms from Srinagar airport & 160 kms away from Jammu city. Banihal is known as the gate way of Kashmir. The people of there are very kind, peace loving in very found in hospitality. You will feel home away from home if once you will visit banihal.
Because the mountains of banihal are calling you.
You must visit.

(Author has done  Masters degree in Travel and Tourism
Working Experience: As a Trainer Tourism & hospitality working under NSQF India
Address: Bankoot Banihal, District: Ramban 182146