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By| Syed Mustafa Ahmed

Someone has rightly said that nature is the treasure of happiness. Yes, it came true when I and my friend were working in the fields adjacent to the Hokera Wetland. We were doing pruning of willow trees. I was reminded of Mister Wahidudin khan. He says that it is necessary to do pruning to our souls and bodies as well. Reminding this, I began to work with more enthusiasm. I told my friend that it is about 12:30 in the afternoon, every paddy field is harvested, cattle are busy in grazing the different types of grasses, bees are busy in tall weeds, etc., let us think about these things for a moment. As we began to introspect, many unknown things came to the surface. I couldn’t recall them all but I can share some experiences in the coming lines.      First is aesthetic. Every event or scene at that place was soul-soothing. As we know that we are passing through a pandemic, it acted as a remedy for mental frustration. I began to feel relieved as I was looking at different scenes. An involuntary smile appeared on my lips. I, in this atmosphere, diverted my friend’s attention towards this. He firstly didn’t take interest but when he began to ponder over, he too was taken away. He left his work and felt a different kind of sensation in his inner self after a long time.      Second is economic. Cattle were grazing grasses. Hence, fodder is saved. Paddy fields, wheat fields, poplars, willows, minerals, etc., are economical. They keep our lives going. At the time of liquidity, these resources come handy. Some minerals are very economical. They are costlier than diamonds. SGDP is filled with different kinds of minerals found in nature. Tourists visit many places and benefit a lot of people. The guests and the hosts are benefitted.        Third, is political. Earth, since time immemorial, has acted as a source of political mileage for everyone. Wars have been fought over natural things particularly land. I began to remind those days that the place where we were sitting, used to be submerged under 10 feet deep water. No one was bothered about its possession. When the government began to drain its water and the land became dry, people from dens came howling and began asserting their possession over the swampy land. I wondered how people have become in the present times. Loyalties change with changing times. Not only loyalties, but it is also about materialism. Anything found useless is never touched while a useful thing is cherished; if at the cost of faith and life. Many influential people were passing by our way and were discussing the rate per Kanal. They have a political approach and can do anything to grab land which they want. It simply paves way for political vortex wherefrom it is difficult to come out and the result is that nature doesn’t beat its head against the wall but it forces us to beat our heads against the wall. Lessons are to be learnt. If not, we are harshly taught.        Fourth is cooperation. Nature gives rise to cooperation that is impossible in our daily lives. Many people are seen working together in nature to extract the best out of it. Labourers of different places come at a single place and set their differences aside, work for the betterment of their lives. I learnt a lesson that if a cause is good, there is nothing wrong in leaving the differences aside and work diligently. I saw two families talking to each other. At home, they always are ready to kill each other but in nature, they are in unison. Here, broad-mindedness prevails while at homes, narrow mindedness stops us from every side.      Fifth and last is friendship. Our friendship grew in this atmosphere. Our grievances were addressed themselves. I was a bit angry with my friend but nature taught me that look at the universe, everything is working in its perfect order. Sometimes, there are floods and storms but the essence lies in going in a fruitful direction. I talked to my friend in the best way I could say. I promised that I would be the custodian of this friendship.       In short, a person should try his or her best to enjoy some moments in nature. Concrete houses serve less than nature. We are a part and parcel of nature. Let us copy Wordsworth and Keats for a moment.