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By: Syed Mustafa Ahmad

It seems that there is no end to our sufferings. As a common person, I have come to conclude that we should be killed collectively. Every day’s pain is difficult to bear. Our hearts have uncountable holes. Any other pain is unbearable. Almighty created the man with the best brain. He incorporated everything in him so that he could make the universes peaceful. However, the man followed his whims. Those whims that were also created by God .in today’s Jammu and Kashmir, humanity has slept under the deep layers of the Earth. Earth’s interior was meant to be peaceful; however, after the killing of Innocents in fake encounters, there seems no place in the Universe that isn’t restless.

Above our heads are the skies that have stopped raining; however they raindrops of blood over our helplessness.      War is necessary for peace. Isn’t it possible to have peace for the sake of peace? Well, it is quite difficult to understand in the present situations. In Jammu and Kashmir, it is said that war is of utmost importance to have long-lasting peace. Until and unless, the externally-funded militants are not killed, there are least chances of peace. But the question that requires an answer is why in the first place is war in Jammu and Kashmir.       I think the first cause is illegal Instrument of Accession. Maharaja Hari Singh was forced to sign an accession that was totally against the wishes of Kashmiris. Kashmiris wanted to remain free. Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel and Lord Mountbatten hatched a conspiracy in the early months of 1947 to merge Jammu and Kashmir with India. Naturally, we were going to Pakistan. Seeing this fraud happening, Pakistan, the product of communal Partition, declared her right over Kashmir. Since then we have been dying without any end to it shortly.       

Second is the horrible silence of the UN. The role of the UN is to bring peace. The warring countries have brought on the negotiating table. However, the UN and the Human Rights Organizations are seeing this but they are not doing anything because they have a lot at stake if they speak the truth. Seeing this, the youths choose the path of radicalism for their basic rights. In this way, a state is caught in a quagmire of bloodshed where it is quite difficult to come out.       The third is that the common people have no actual sense of the situation. They don’t know what to do. They want to live from hand to mouth and don’t to indulge in such historical nuances that have killed crores of people worldwide. When the killer and the killed don’t know, why there are killings, it is quite understandable that something is missing that doesn’t allow the common men to look into the matter deeply.     

 Last is that democracy has failed to produce effective results. The gulf is widening day by day between the rich and the poor. The poor become poorer. Some influential people occupy more 50% of the world’s wealth while about 80% of the common people are without basic needs. In this atmosphere, it is natural that there are chances of frustration and violence. And it is happening right now.       

In short, there should be some listening to our grievances. There must be space for every kind of voice. Dissent is necessary as it acts as the safest valve of democracy. Everyday killings are not the solution. Listening to each other is a solution. If not, then kill us collectively so that we have freedom from the morass of death.