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No Smartphones, Students facing difficulties to attend online classes, Community School Comes up in Anantnag village

Sakib Dass

Anantnag:Amid the closure of Educational institutions in Kashmir Valley due to Covid-19, the teachers in kundroo village of South Kashmir’s Anantnag district come out with a unique way to teach local students who were unable to attend online classes.

Iqra Public Secondary School ,a private Institution runs under the supervision of local Auqaf Committee kundroo Anantnag comes up with the decision of Community School for students who were facing the different challenges to attend online classes.Seven local teachers of the said school are delivering classes for half-days.

According to the Principle of a School Shabir Ahmad Mir told that, Education of the students had been effected due to covid-19,”Initially our school has taken many initiatives to teach our students on YouTube, launched online Classes but their remains some unresolved issues like Low Speed 2g Services due to which students were facing immense difficulties. To get online education was most difficult as fifty percent of the total enrolled students in our school have no smart phones thus having no access to get online education”.

“Our school has decided to teach students in an open field by setting up a community school following all Covid-19 SOP’s. Social distancing is strictly followed besides face masks and hand sanitizers are obligatory for students to come in the Community school”. he said

The school has also come forward during the 2016 uprising in Kashmir valley to provide education to all community students during which many students from the different Government and private institutions got the education.he added.

Likewise this year, due to the closure of Institutions ,they come up with the decision of community school to compensate the further loss of academic session of students. He further said that the school has been set to open for every student from any school up to level 10th standard.

While iqra fayaz a student of Iqra Public Secondary School joined Community school,she said, her teachers were giving online classes but she was facing problems on 2g services, some students have no Smart phones and are  missing the classes . To provide them lectures our school came up with community school which solved  their all problems.

Now Iqra is taking classes and understands easily lectures.