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Office of the Zonal President JKRETTF Zone Sogam

Press Release

Today an important meeting of JKRETTF Zone Sogam was held at TRC Chandigam under the aegis of Zonal President Mr Mohsin Manzoor. The meeting was attended by many guests which include..

  1. Mr. Raashid Manzoor (District Chief Spokesperson)
  2. M. Y Sogami (Former Vice Provincial President)
  3. Mr. Bashir Ahmad Mir (ZP Khumriyal)
  4. Mr. Bilal Hassan Wani (Deputy Media Analyst District Kupwara)
  5. Mr. Bashir Ahmad Shah (Ex Zonal President)
  6. Mr. Zubair Bilal Nazki (Ex I/c Zonal President) and a good numbers of teachers from the Zone.
    The main agenda of the meeting was the construction of new Zonal body. Mr Raashid Manzoor performed as dice incharge.
    The meeting started with Tilawate Qur’an by Mr Fayaz Ahmad Bhat (P/S Khan Mohalla Krusan).
    Mr. Zubair Bilal Nazki highlighted the role and importance of JKRETTF. Mr. Irshad Ahmad Lone Sogam also spoke on the occasion.
    M. Y Sogami also shared his experience during his talk.
    After brief speeches from the above mentioned the oath ceremony was held for newly elected zonal body. The Zonal Body includes Mr. Mohsin Manzoor (Zonal President)

Mr Irshad Ahmad Lone (Vice Zonal President)

Mr Fayaz Ahmad Bhat (General Secretary)

Mr Javid Ahmad Bhat (Joint Secretary)

Mr Imtiyaz Ahmad Shah (Organiser)

Mr Shabir Ahmad Ganie (Deputy Organiser)

Mr Tariq Ahmad Ganie (Finance Secretary)

Mr Mohammed Ashraf Lone (Joint Secretary Finance)

Mr Syed Lateef Nazki (Chief Spokesperson)

Mr Azad Ahmad Bhat ( Deputy Spokesperson)

Mr G M Shah ( Media Secretary)

Mr Shiekh Mohammad Iqbal( Press Secretary)

Mr Peerzada Imran Ahmad Shah (Advisor to ZP)

Mr Sajad Ahmad Mir (Advisor to ZP)

Mr Bashir Ahmad Poswal (Zonal Convener)

Further an Advisory Board was also nominated on the occasion which includes
Mr Bashir Ahmad Shah

Mr Raashid Manzoor

Mr Zubair Bilal Nazki

Mr Ab Rashid Dar

Mr M Y Sogami

Mr Farooq Ahamd Shiekh

Mr Showket Ahmad Dar

Mr Tariq Iqbal Bukhari

Mr Farooq Ahamd Shah

Mr Mohammad Ashraf Shah

Mr Manzoor Ahmad Ganie

Mr G N Naikoo

Mr Akhter Rasool Wani

At last Zonal President Mr Mohsin Manzoor welcomed the newly constructed zonal body and thanked all the teachers in general and guests in particular.
He also thanked PCO Unit Chandigam for organizing the programme in a desciplined manner.
Zonal President assured that the whole body will work from pillar to post for the geniune demands of ReT teachers of the zone sogam in particular and whole ReT community in general. All the teachers entrusted full support on JKRETTF led by Mr Farooq Ahamd Tantray

G Secretary
Fayaz Ahmad Bhat