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One day convention of Jat Sabha held at Kalisan Provide all facilities to people living on border:Choudhary


Former Member of theLegislative Council (MLC) and general secretary of the Peoples’ DemocraticParty (PDP) on Sunday urged the authorities to provide all facilities to thestudents living on the border so that they can compete with their counterpartsin other parts of J&K.Addressing one day convention of J&K Jat Sabhaheld at village Kalisan, situated on the Line of Control (LoC) in Nowshera areaof Rajouri district, Mr Choudhary regretted that students of border belts arefacing discrimination because they are confronting to get basic facilities likeschools and mobile network. “What to say to 4-G mobile connectivity,inhabitants of border belts are not getting even mobile network”, he said and regrettedthat it was all due to lack of facilities that members of the Jat Biradari livingin this area are lacking in every sphere of life.He said that those living on the border are servingthe nation without wearing a uniform and it is the duty of the government to providethem all facilities.Mr Choudhary regretted that on the one hand borderresidents have been denied basic amenities like health and education, on theother hand they are uncertain about their own security due tocontinued shelling. He further pointed out that the promise of constructing bunkersis yet to be fulfilled.Exhorting members of the Jat Biradari of Nowshera tolaunch a war against social evils like drug addiction, Mr Choudhary soughtsupport of every section of the society to eradicate this menace which isdangerously consuming the lives of the younger generation. He called upon elderlymembers of the Biradari to shoulder the responsibility to eradicate socialevils from the society.He also called upon the Jat Biradari to ensuresocial harmony and brotherhood with other communities so as to ensuredevelopment and progress in the society.During the day-long convention, president of theSabha Capt Moti Ram nominated Capt. Bhola Ram as chairman of J&K Jat SabhaNowshera and Suresh Choudhary (retired Principal) as general secretary ofNowshera unit of the Sabha. Ravinder Chouhan was appointed as youth wingpresident of the Jat Sabha Nowshera. In theconvention Jat Biradari members- who excelled in different fields, were alsofelicitated by the community.EOM.