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One dead, in accident at chamkote karnah

Khushal Khawaja

30 year old was killed in an accident after his bike lost control and rammed into a tipper on Monday afternoon. 30 year old was identified as sikhwandar singh .

According to the police official the accident occurred at around 11 p.m. at chamkote karnah. The 30 year old identified, as Sikhwandar sing when the incident occured. The police said that Mr Sikhwandar was driving, and their Bike crashed into the tipper.

It is not yet clear about why he were out for a drive considering the country is under lockdown. Details will be clear as the investigation progresses, and we have to keep family in mind as they are still grieving the loss of their children,” SHO karnah, said.

Police official added that bike Rider was residents of the turaboni area in karnah. The police have for the moment registered an incident report for further investigation.