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One way to get HIRED!

Have a daily ROUTINE! Like this….

1. Wake up/ breakfast

2. 30-60 minutes exercise/shower/breakfast

3. Go to designated work space at home.

4. 90 minutes Resume and LinkedIn Profile improvement, or keyword tailoring for online job applications (ATS).

5. 1 hour of LinkedIn activity to enhance visibility (like, comment, share, like comments of others in a meaningful way).

6. 1 hour lunch break/ family time.

7. 2 hours job search via LinkedIn Jobs, Indeed, and other job sites.

8. 1 hour skills improvement via LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, Udemy and other online courses.

9. 30 minute walk complying with social distancing, lockdown and curfews. 10. 1 hour interview prep: writing responses to sample competency-based interview questions, transferable skills identification, and C.A.R.L. technique.

11. 30-60 minutes of LinkedIn activity and online networking. End of Job Seeking “Work” Day! As a job seeker, Job Search is your full-time job until you find one! Routine is essential for EVERYONE. If you have been laid off, you and I both know that you have amazing skills and experience.

Don’t let disruption hold you back from SHOWCASING them! YOU are stronger than COVID-19!