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Open Letter to DC Anantnag from residents of Hiller Shahabad Dooru (Anantnag)

Respected Sir

Road from Ujroo-Nadooru (via Hiller Shahabad, Mataygund, Mandipora, Chambran) is under construction. In this connection we request DDC Anantnag that the indent for aquisition of land for the widening of road has been forwarded to the concerned authorities in 2018. Since then the revenue authorities have not provided the Shejra Khusra of the land and the structures and the number of trees which were to be acquired by the concerned agency for the widening and reconstruction of road. 
In the meantime a contractor has already started work on road. It is unfortunate to know that concerned agency has neither made any assessment of the land under acquisition and neither it has been notified till date, how the work was alloted to the contractor without acquisition of the land, it is not understandable to the public. There is a law that fair compensation and rehabilitation is necessary for the people who are getting affected by acquiring the land under public purpose, but unfortunately we feel ashamed to inform you that no such steps  have been initiated in the regard so for. 
We request your goodself to kindly look into the matter and come forward in rescue of poor people who are being ruined by such a step. 

Residents of Village Ujroo, Hiller Shahabad, Mataygund, Chambran, Mandipora, Nadoora Dooru AnantnagShow quoted text