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Our future compromised, Allege UG BUMS 2nd Year students

Kamran Ashraf Bhat
Joint Editor

To everyone’s surprise, in a recent meeting of principals and Kashmir University authority, the fate of UG BUMS 2nd-year students was undecided, despite the delay in exams have taken a toll on students mental health.

Inside Kashmir , received hundreds of calls from students who are enrolled in different BUMS college in Kashmir ,who alleged that they have been put in limbo as both their colleges and KU authority is not clearing smog of confusion about exams to be conducted.

Students told inside Kashmir that, despite their 2nd-year examination is been facing delay from almost half a year, University or their colleges have not taken our plight under consideration in recent KU meet.

Fear of any college action, if identity was revealed, students who are under mental stress requested for anonymity.

“The examination scheduled for above-mentioned batch has already been due by nearly a year now. This non-ending delay is taking a heavy toll on our mental health because there is no sign of normalisation of the prevailing situation in near future and we are definitely not in a state of participating in any exams because of the very obvious reasons, which the whole world is going under through. Majority of the students are from distant districts and even some are from remote places like Chinab, Ladakh and Jammu. Even some of those are falling in the red zones. It is nearly impossible for them, even the government has kept restrictions on inter-district and inter-division travelling. Maximum students don’t have the private transport means available as the public transport is completely shut”, said a student of, Kashmir Tibbia College, Hospital and Research Centre.

It was learnt that , most of the students used to stay in rented rooms and PGs, in the prevailing pandemic circumstances, it’s possible and obvious that landlords will deny students from staying due to community based transmission of infection.

A female BUMS  student enrolled at the institute of Asian medical Sciences  said that indefinite delay of their scheduled exams has put future of hundreds of students on the brink .”We are in the same class for nearly 18 months. Our 2nd year should have been done by November 2018. We are suffering a lag of half year already and can’t afford any further now.
We can’t afford to risk the lives of our family along with our lives. Most of the students don’t have even books with them, which are in their PGs or rooms.
So, we are requesting the university administration to please look into our genuine concerns and difficulties which would otherwise cost our mental and physical health. We request people at the helm of affairs to  omit  the theory exam and compile  the result on the basis of already given exams.”

When Inside Kashmir, contact college principals they unanimously said that exams are no option to be conducted nearby.

” I will take up this issue with KU authority and I am taking a keen interest in this issue. I had a scheduled meet today with Controller Examination KU, but it became impossible due to prevailing COVID 19 situation. I don’t think exams are going to be conducted nearby as health Ministry has been clearly giving advisory against any such activity. Students need not be worried, I request them to carry on with online classes and trust administration for any possible way out”, Said Dr Shazia, Principal K.T.C.

Dr Muzaffar Jaan, who is currently principal of Asian medical Sciences, said that, it’s under the prerogative of University of Kashmir, to review situation and current Scenario for the future of Students. ” Our college has only responsibility of conducting internal exams and to provide an academic facility, we have nothing to do with final exams. Promotion of students is not possible as per the historical record of medical education authorities in India”.

” KU will take an assessment of the situation and students will not be put in any problem for sure. Until and unless Health ministry will not give final nod in its health advisory, the exam will not be conducted”, added Dr Muzaffar.

Meanwhile, when Inside Kashmir Contacted controller Examination, KU, for any comment, his phone number was switched off.

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