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Panic mounts as Lolab recieves 1st Positive Case,

Contact tracing and Sampling to be taken aggressively,, BMO Sogam

Noor Ul Hasan Andrabi 

Lolab=As covid19 cases arising in whole valley,the Covid19 has now given alarming sign in Lolab as ist case of covid19 has been detected in North Lolab’s Khurhama area.

According to the DO Khurhama age 18 years old,resident of Branath Khurhama arrived on 25th of May having travel history remained under house for such period.Soon as administration know about it’s travel history the administration taken no time and he was rushly put under Quarantine and today his test came as Positive.

Here,It’s good sign for the People of Lolab especially for Its adjoining areas that the man did not come out from home till he was put under Quarantine,DO Mudasir Ah said.

Meanwhile BMO Sogam Dr Gh Raheem also confirmed and said,its ist positive case in Lolab and the youth has been placed under isolation now after his test came as Positive ,and the contacts is being traced out and his family members will be put under Quarantine and sampling to be taken aggressively from them.

As Lolab recieved ist Covid19 positive case,the situation is grim now in its adjoining areas.