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Patience; an ultimate way of pursuing your dreams

By | Suhail Ameen Lone 

Let’s start with a good story.

“There were two creatures (i) Monkey and (ii) crow . They interacted with each other.  Money asked to crow that how you understood life of social animals. Crow replied with great grief and said that these people are king of their own choice. and also crow added that they lack patience which resulted in lack in satisfaction.”

The above mentioned story reveals a big truth that we humans are not satisfied with our lives . This can he explained with this example . Say “A” is a person who is govt employee by profession with monthly income of (say Re 5000/=) . Instead of being satisfied with aame amount he desires that he should have Rs 1000 /= as monthly income . On other hand if , we will approach to person “B” who is a Private worker.  He also dreams that I should be a govt employee. 

In both cases one can summarise that they lack interest with respective given fields.

If we will compare “satisfaction” with “patience” one can analyse that these both are needed in an individual. 

We all are busy in pursuing our dreams . Someone fights for job. Someone strives for food.  Someone is struggling for money.

Let me take an example of a civil servant aspirant, gives his best to be in merit.  Believe me , some civil servant aspirant are so much working for it that they give preference to all situations,  meetings and so on which take place across the world instead of oxygen.  In his life their is no name of party but only “NCERT” .The said case itself tells us how hard are his efforts to be in qualifying list. 

Suppose,  his name is not found on the day of result. In conditions like that we all have two alternatives.  Either we will take u-turn and cry while life about same matter or we will go forward with great zeal and zest and enthusiasm to achieve our respective goal. But issue is that hi we will create alternative no.2 I,e go forward. 

Of course it needs “patience”.

Everybody is thinking that if disabled people life themselves at the verge of sky. Why can’t we? 

The answer is that they had patience while achieving their dreams.

When one study,  unfortunately he/she didn’t understand concept. What he/she do , they close their books and leave it .they don’t go forward . They made efforts but efforts but didn’t succeed.  Shall we take u-turn at this stage? NO ; we will go ahead and fight against it and will not accept defeat. 

Thus, all situations possess patience.  If you ones construct patience in yourself.  It is totally unacceptable that you will loose. 

Be patient!

The author hails from Lolab Kuligam