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PM Imran Khan calls Osama bin Laden as ‘Shaheed’

Imran while delivering speech on international affairs in upper house , crtisized last Goverments over their  compromising attitude with USA .

Kamran Ashraf Bhat 

Joint Editor

Srinagar : Prime Minister of Pakistan in his furious speech described  killing of Osama bin laden on Pakistani soil without informing the state as ‘ most unfortunate’ and disgraceful incident for whole nation . In his speech at highest house of Pakistani Parliament , he called Osama bin Laden as Shaheed . 
Imran Khan , who is considered as fearless and outspoken orator, criticized previous government on their compromising behaviour with America and her Allies . 

” It was so hurtful , disgraceful for whole country and Pakistani diaspora to be a part of USA’s war on terror and at the same time to witness incident like abbottabad operation. They (USA Forces ) , came on our soil and carried out operation against Osama bin Laden without taking our Goverment in confidence,” PM , Imran Khan said in his speech .

Imran khan also came heavily on the Foreign Policies  of Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif led Goverments for kneeling down before  USA’s  establishment and allowed them to kill thousands of innocent citizens of Pakistan with Drone attacks. 

“One of the American military general was questioned by American senator who was member of defence Committee as why they are continuously drone attacking on Pakistani soil, if they are opposing it. The general said in his reply that , Goverment of Pakistan is giving us permission to attack . These incidents have ashamed our people and our diaspora,” PM Imran Khan added .