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PO Aspirants Demand Deferement of Exams

Noor Ul Hasan Andrabi

Srinagar: The aspirants for the post of Prosecuting Officers (PO) on monday demanded to deferred the exam which is scheduled to commence from 31st of this month.

Scores of aspirants told Inside Kashmir ,due to prevailing situation in the entire UT J & K,we the aspirants of PO are demanding deferment of exams as it’s not right time to conduct exams in this critical atmosphere.

The public service commission has notified the dates of the mains scheduled from 31st January to 10th February and the aspirants are demanding to postpone the exams aimed sharp rise in covid cases.

At one side,the valley is witnessing a huge number of positive cases day in and day out and on the other side,Public Service Commssion is going to conduct the exams for PO from 31st of this month and how it’s possible to appear when the entire country is battling for saving the lives of people.

They said “It’s not good to hold exams on this stage putting the lives of aspirants on stake.It would be better for Public service commission to defer it for sometime”,adding “deferment of exams will be favourable for the aspirants to prepare themselves highly”,

“The situation is going wrost to worsen with each passing day and the valley is gripping with huge number of positive cases,so it would be difficult for us to appear in the examination as the clouds of omicron too is rounding on our heads”,they told on call,

The aspirants have urged JKPSC to consider the difficulties and accordingly postpone the scheduled exams and provide them with a reasonable period of time for preparation.(IK)