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Poor Airtel network irks Residents of Chandilora Tangmarg

Mir Rayees

One of the best among all the tele communications in the valley ,  Bharti Airtel tele-communication is taking its last breath in Chandilora Tangmarg. 
In the wake of crises ,Chandilora,Druroo,Wahipora,Treran and Other villages in Tangmarg area facing lot of problems due to bad poor  connectivity of Airtel telecom Company .
Mostly the students and employees gets affected in large-scale . According to locals the same  tele-communication company is fail in providing the better service which they are bound to provide while receiving full payment .
 Locals alleged that these tele-communication companies escape the law easily while cheating the citizens who are customers of these tele giants. 
“We as people have to understand that they have left no stone unturned in giving tough time to customers . We were one of the hardcore subscriber of this service in all weather , but from last 3 months they have started to ignore our area said a local Iqbal Ashraf And Khalid Bashir told that in Village Chandilora comprises of nearly about fifteen  hundred subscribers  of Airtel telecommunication but company is totally flopped in providing satisfactory service to its consumers inspite of various complaints registered via their Complaint Portal & even in this advanced Era locals of the area used to keep their cell phones on Window panes which seems a Dark coloured question mark on Airtel telecom Company,” a local said .
Local public told inside Kashmir that they have repeatedly called Airtel Customer care services for queries and complaints but all in vain ,they never took us serious . They  are in transcendence era ,where students have left conventional study form ,now students are using internet to get modern education but they are unable to get this facility because of poor network.