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Possible causes of rising cardio-vascular mortality in Kashmir

Malik Altaf

Cardiac arrest is the abrupt loss of function in a persons heart with or without any heart disease. It’s a fatal attack caused by high blood pressure, Cholesterol levels or inflammation of blood vessels. Kashmir has been found the epicentre of this fatal mortality that gulps it’s victims within the quickest.
The inhabitants of Jammu in genral and Kashmir in particular are living in a conflict prone l zone. As a review of past decade they came to observe the unrest of 2008 , 2010, 2016 and now it’s been a complete lockdown since 5th of Agust 2019 till date , following the shutdown implemented govt forces in maintaining law and order after the abrogation of the special status to Jammu and Kashmir under article 370 and then dreadful experiences of current lockdown in connection with Covid 19.
What impact does a lockdown or a complete shutdown can have on any region in the world was observed by one and all, I guess. People during the recent lockdown around the globe, in particular the woman folk, complained about the domestic violence, sexual harrasment and other issues. But, what if you do not have even internet , telecommunications, transport services, schools and colleges occupied by the govt forces, and in particular no business establishments functional and etc. This indeed might have an impact on the people of any country or state who undergo such a political failure or conflicts of misgovernance.

The state of Jammu and Kashmir now a Union territory has witnessed the worst decade composed of political instability, death and destruction, educational failure, financial crises and even natural calamities and these tragedies, disappointments, loss of life certainly come with a renewed force and destroy the psychological health of the people who are fixed in these grimmest situations. The unrest of 2008 and 2010 resulted in to hundreds of deaths and thousands of pallet injuries and arrests. The floods in 2014 washed away every thing in central and certain parts of South kashmir including their dwelling places leading to the loss in agriculture and other units as well. This was the fatal blow of nature that had its impact in contribution of Stress. In the year 2016 July, Kashmir witnessed one more darkest phases and it infected the already injured patients causing more pains. This time the medicine given was more concentrated in nature as the kashmir horticulture industry could not get expected buyers of fruit , leading to loss of Kashmir’s maiden indigenous industry. 2019 the entire world witnessed the longest curfew in Kashmir, shutdown in schools, colleges, Universities, health care, no communication, no media, no internet no telecommunications for long 8 months and this wave of atrocities paralyzed the already patients.

March 2020 Covid 19 most discussed topic , again the same remedies for kashmir but the most interesting thing I must say was it involved the whole world to taste a life in domestic captivity, however the whole world had the above mentioned all facilities available while the paralyzed patients in this trap of the world had 4g internet. Above all ,the intresting thing I must say is that during the current lockdown hundreds and thousands of people around world either committed suicide or they died of hunger but not a single Kashmiri died of hunger rather fell prey to Cardiac arrest. A human being has an inbuilt tendency to face the tough times or calamities but if things go beyond the inclination , it can lead to stress, frustration, destruction , anxiety. Every one living here is fed up of political games, bilateral discussions over Kashmir dispute because they are mentally challenged , financially paralysed , they see no future ,they see no developments , no creation of suitable standards for living, no future of education and the most worrying is the corrupted bureaucrats , doctors and even law enforcement agencies. The students with higher qualifications are unable to get even meager jobs and it can’t give them pleasure of life or any glimpse of optimism but Stress, anxiety, tension, high blood pressure and they are certainly to meet Cardiac arrest.

Human heart too has the fixed tendencies and once the toll of tregedy overburdens the heart it may crash and this crash is the fatal blow to life itself. The people living in this part of the world need due attention, financial pushes freedom of some basic life facilities and in particular freedom from these conflicts that prevail arround. We lose youth , kids and even on field players to cardiac arrest such is the condition of our mental health. May God bless Us .