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Press release: Ensure Safety,Security & Dignity of senior citizens “SDDNNA.”An Initiative by Niti Aayog-Piramal Foundation-Kafila Foundation

Kupwara(J&K):With respect to the above & keeping in mind to ensure that the rights & dignity of Senior citizens to be protected ,Niti Aayog in Collaboration with Piramal Foundation & in Coordination with Kafila Foundation Kupwara Kashmir has initiated a Campaign Known by ” Surakshit Dada Dadi Nana Nani Abhiyan.”

The safety and security of senior citizens, especially of those who stay alone, should be a priority for civil society and the government.Apart from security, help in the form of counselling & running routine errands must be done for aged people. The Districts should emulated this programme as a community policing initiative.In old age generally, one is haunted by insecurity, depression, helplessness & loneliness.
Many people who have lived a good productive life become insecure and helpless in old age due to a variety of reasons. It may be due to being neglected by their children, perhaps due to the latter’s own occupational needs when they have to live far away from their parents.
As we know the joint family system provided a great cushion for senior members of the family. They were considered as treasures and guiding spirits for their experience and knowledge about religion, family history, values and traditional practices. But with the decline of the joint family system in
society, senior citizens have become vulnerable and have had to bear the brunt of decaying cultural and societal values.

Modernisation has led to the emergence of nuclear families, where due to occupational needs and professional compulsions, young people have to leave their old parents and settle down in far-off places. Many a time, the elderly decline to live with their children in other cities or countries as they are attached to their village or city.Loneliness often leads to depression and helplessness. More seriously, old people living alone are highly vulnerable to violent crimes.

Concern of Senior Citizens must be towards:
1)The life and property of senior citizens of the district are protected and they are able to live with security and dignity.

2)Visits at regular intervals, that is, at least once a month. In addition, they shall visit them as quickly as possible on receipt of a request for assistance, listen to their grievances and make an entry in their station diaries.

4) Complaints/problems of senior citizens shall be given top priority by the local police.
5)The senior citizens shall be provided with the telephone number of the local jurisdictional police and beat police.

These rules, if effectively implemented, will provide a safe and secure environment for lonely senior citizens. Apart from implementation, authorities and voluntary agencies should create awareness among senior citizens about their rights and simplified procedures should be evolved to minimise running around and harassment. Love, compassion and sensitive approach will definitely go a long way in ensuring comfortable and safe living for all old people in the evening of their lives.

“Kafila Foundation”thus does ground zero survey of District kupwara along with the Border Regions of Machil & Tangdar.The survey saw participation of Many volunteers including both boys & girls who put efforts to make this campaign a major success ahead in the future endeavours. President Kafila & Team offers token Of thanks towards Mr. Abhishek Ranjan for entrusting us & giving this responsibility to carry forward.