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Press release: Rally to Valley Extends Gratitude to Kupwara Administration and Indian Army for Successful Border Tourism Campaign


Kupwara: The Rally to Valley (TSD Car Rally) from Himachal Pradesh to Keran, LOC, concluded with great success, thanks to the significant assistance and support provided by various individuals and organizations. Today, we express our deepest gratitude to all those who played a crucial role in facilitating this remarkable event, which not only showcased the beauty of Keran but also highlighted the importance of border tourism in Kupwara.

We extend our sincere appreciation to all stakeholders who offered their invaluable support throughout the rally. Their expertise and guidance were essential in overcoming logistical challenges and ensuring the smooth execution of the event. From coordinating with local authorities to arranging permits and accommodations, their unwavering dedication was truly commendable.

In addition, we would like to acknowledge the immense contribution of the District Administration officials, including Deputy Commissioner Kupwara, Dr. Doifode Sagar Dattatray, Senior Superintendent Officer Kupwara, Yogal Manhas, Additional Deputy Commissioner Ghulam Nabi Bhat, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mohammad Ramzan, Executive Engineer LBDDA Kupwara Farooq Ahmed Shah, Tehsildar Keran Umer Hussain, Naib Tehsildar Ashiq Hussain, and SHO Police Station Keran Shafat Ahmed. Their support and cooperation played a vital role in ensuring a safe and well-organized rally.

We would also like to express our deep gratitude to the Indian Army for their logistic and security support. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the 28 DIV HQ Kupwara Infantry, 41 Rastriya Rifle, 268 Farkın Brigade, and 6 Rastriya Rifle Keran, whose personnel worked tirelessly to maintain a harmonious atmosphere throughout the rally. The efforts of the brave jawans and officers of the Indian Army are greatly appreciated.

Furthermore, we acknowledge the extensive media coverage provided by media persons such as Peer Azhar, Sagar Rafeeq, Irfan Malik, Zameer Peer, and particularly the President of the Journalists and Writers Association of Kupwara, Fayaz Hameed. Their support in capturing the essence of the rally and promoting its objectives has been invaluable.

Thanks to the collective efforts of these remarkable individuals and organizations, the Rally to Valley achieved its goals of highlighting the mesmerizing landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and warm hospitality of Keran, while also emphasizing the potential of border tourism in Kupwara. The event garnered significant media attention, generating widespread interest and curiosity among tourists and adventure enthusiasts.

Naseem Khatana, the Coordinator of the rally in Kupwara, expresses his heartfelt thanks to the Indian Army and the Kupwara Administration for their unwavering support throughout the event. Their collaboration and assistance were pivotal in ensuring a smooth and secure rally, leaving a lasting impression on all participants.

Moreover, Naseem Khatana extends his appreciation to the Director of Rally to Valley, Tawfeeq Ali Mughal, for his outstanding efforts in organizing this extensive campaign. Under his guidance, the rally successfully highlighted the border tourism potential of Kupwara, captivating the attention of visitors and showcasing the unique charm of the region.

Kamran Ashraf Bhat, the Operational Head of the Rally to Valley Campaign in Kupwara, extends his heartfelt thanks to all stakeholders who contributed to highlighting the pristine beauty of Kupwara. He acknowledges their invaluable support in promoting the region and believes that Kupwara has the immense potential to emerge as an international tourism destination.

The Rally to Valley organizing committee, along with Naseem Khatana and Kamran Ashraf Bhat, expresses their gratitude to all individuals and organizations involved in making this event a resounding success. The collective efforts of the Indian Army, the Kupwara Administration, the Director of Rally to Valley, and other stakeholders have showcased the beauty of Keran and emphasized the untapped tourism potential of Kupwara.